How to Get your Boyfriend to Dress Better

How to Get your Boyfriend to Dress Better

September 05, 2019
Would you prefer that your guy dressed more like this?
Would you prefer that your guy dressed more like this?
You love your boyfriend, but it's a fact that he still wears socks with his sandals. Sometimes you come over in the afternoon, and he's still in his boxers. When he does throw on clothes, it's usually a t-shirt with a hole in it and some basketball shorts. How can you gently tell your guy that you wish he'd clean up his act?

While it might be tempting to yell at your honeybunch for being such a slob, laying down the law will only make him more stubborn about his bad hygiene. Lots of the clothes you hate probably mean a lot to him, like old college tees and the shorts that he wore as a basketball star in high school. It's time to grow up, though - and you can help him do it by donating your own old clothes and encouraging him to let go of some of the stuff that's no longer wearable.

To steer him in the right direction, consider getting him a nice button-down top or a pair of jeans for his birthday or an anniversary gift. Try inviting him shopping with you, and help him pick out some clothes you like. Positive reinforcement is your best tool, so be sure to let him know how sexy he looks in his new outfits.

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