How to Survive Life With a Sports Fanatic
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How to Survive Life With a Sports Fanatic

May 22, 2016
For the non-fan, sports fans can be loud, obnoxious, and emotionally detached from the relationship.
For the non-fan, sports fans can be loud, obnoxious, and emotionally detached from the relationship.

It's Sunday afternoon, and you've had it. Your partner has spent the entire weekend screaming at the TV -- sometimes yelling in excitement, and often screaming in frustration. You just can't understand their fixation with football/soccer/racing/baseball/basketball/whatever.

You scream, "It's just a game!" They scream, "But it's the playoffs/finals/end of my life/whatever."

So begins yet another argument over the TV, the way they spend their time, and how you feel left out. Stop the cycle and learn to reclaim your relationship, even when it's the most crucial time of the most crucial season for the best team in the greatest sport ever. 

Be Supportive 

Pretend, just for a moment, that the situation is reversed. You're in the middle of enjoying something you are passionate about. Just as you're at the most rewarding part of your endeavor, your partner crashes the party -- failing miserably to understand how significant this is to you. Would you stop and offer them a love fest, or yell in frustration? Likely the latter. Try to support your partner's passion, even if you don't understand it. In a healthy relationship, this will foster a sense of respect that will inevitably strengthen your bond. 

Make an Effort to Get Involved 

You might never be passionate about their sport or favorite team as to tattoo their logo on your neck and sell your grandmother's china to attend a game. But if you put forth some effort to learn the game, you might find something you two can do together. Some people who don't appreciate sports just don't understand how the rules work. It just looks like a mess of people (or cars) doing random stuff. Pick a less important event (such as preseason) when they won't be as angry if you interrupt to ask questions. Make a serious effort to at least gather enough understanding to make an informed decision about whether you two can enjoy the games together. If not, your partner will likely appreciate your effort. 

Make the Most of Your Time Together 

If all of your partner's time away from the sport is spent listening to you gripe about their sports, they're going to be driven further away. Be sure that the time you spend together is enjoyable. Don't make the mistake of spending the time they do take away from the sport they love to spend with you miserable. Have fun and do things you enjoy together as a couple, such as cooking, grilling, watching nature shows, or playing with the dog. The best psychics can give you advice on things you can try as a couple. 

Develop Your Own Interests 

Part of your resentment toward their interest in sports could, perhaps, be your own negative feelings about your lack of outside interests. Find something you enjoy, such as long walks, time at the gym, a craft or hobby, to focus your efforts on when your partner is busy watching or attending sporting events. 

Realize When There's a Bigger Issue 

Sometimes, a partner who ignores or mistreats their special person is a sign of more serious issues. They may be tremendously selfish, not truly devoted to the relationship, or just incapable of intimacy. If you feel that the issues go beyond an obsession with sports and into serious problems, seek professional help from a counselor or a love psychic

For most relationships, sports are just a minor obstacle, easily overcome with the right mindset and attitude. 

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