I Thought the Date Went Great! Why Hasn't He Called? by PathForward Psychics
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I Thought the Date Went Great! Why Hasn't He Called? by PathForward Psychics

September 02, 2020
Maybe he'll call tomorrow...
Maybe he'll call tomorrow...
It's one of the most common questions dating experts get. You went out with a fantastic guy, had the time of your life, thought he was enjoying himself, and then... nothing. No call, no text. The disappearing date act isn't unusual, but it isn't enjoyable either. Though the reasons are as varied as the men themselves, here are the most cited reasons for not calling back as reported to Match.com by men.

He Isn't Ready for Something Serious
Like women, men have periods in their lives when it's just not the right time to start a real relationship. Perhaps he's involved in building his career or maybe he's just into playing the field for a few years. He just isn't ready to meet the nice girl he can bring home to meet mom. If you seem like a nice girl, and he's having fun partying, he may just skip the awkward, "It isn't the right time," call and go his own way, hoping you will too.

He Thought You Were Too Self-Absorbed
Guys aren't attracted to women who are all about themselves, their friends, their favorite TV shows, their favorite this or that. Sometimes, women chatter on about ourselves because we're nervous and don't know what to say. If he got the impression that's what you were about, he probably just gave the whole relationship a pass. Wondering if you really are self-absorbed? Chat it over with a friend or get advice from a psychic.

You Aren't the Only One He's Going Out With
Today, it's easy for people to date two or more people at once. Sometimes guys are going out with two or more women when they do meet someone special. Instead of trying to explain why he chose her over you, he might just avoid you and hope you go away silently.

You Came Across as Overeager
It's easy to get lonely and become overly excited when you meet someone who could make the loneliness go away. Overeager dates scare men, just as over-anxious men scare women. It may be too late for this date, but take the next one calmly and coolly. Let your enthusiasm show after he's expressed an interest in you.

He Was Drinking When You Met
People go out, have a few drinks, meet someone, and enjoy chatting it up. The next day, they can't tell if they were looking at the person through beer goggles or if they really were into you. When you give your number out at the bar and the totally interested guy never rings you up, this might be what happened. He may not even remember that he got your number.

He Doesn't Want a Confrontation
Whatever his personal reasons for not calling, it boils down to trying to avoid a confrontation. Women know how hard it is to let a guy down, and it isn't any easier for men (unless they're a total jerk). As badly as you'd like to know, just realize he's trying to let you down easy, and it's time to move on. Sometimes a psychic chat can help you get to the cause, but if you never find out don't take it too hard.
He's just one fish in a big sea.

Rejection hurts, and our instinct is to want to know why. Instead, focus on the positives and learn from mistakes to forge a better relationship in the future. 

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