Is Dating a Coworker a Good Idea? Exploring Office Romance
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Is Dating a Coworker a Good Idea?

May 30, 2023 by Samantha
Thinking about dating a coworker? First read up on the pros and cons of office romances.
Thinking about dating a coworker? First read up on the pros and cons of office romances.

Are you head over heels in love with a coworker? Or interested in sparking an office romance but not sure if it’s a good idea? Keeping it professional while exploring the idea of an office romance can be very confusing. You want to keep it professional but can’t help but get giddy every time your coworker crush sends a flirty email or passes you by in the breakroom. So, what to do? Is it worth dating a coworker? Or should you leave work literally at work? Here are a few perspectives worth considering: 


Pros of Dating a Coworker  

You have so much in common. If you work together, chances are that you share common interests, and depending on your career level, you may have an aligned life purpose. And this, my friend, is HUGE! Finding common ground or conversation starters when seeking love can be challenging. Sharing similar ideas, plans, and values makes for an instant connection. 

You spend so much time together already. If you’re putting in 30-40+ hours per week, you will likely spend more time with your work fam than your friends and family – kind of sad, but true. It’s no wonder falling in love with a coworker happens so often; you’re always together!  

Your company culture is laid back. Some companies are super chill and don’t have an issue with an office romance. If you can get cozy with your office hubby without HR repercussions or feel like you need to sneak around, why not explore this connection? Virtual work environments make it even easier. Asking out a coworker wouldn’t stir up drama or gossip in the office because nobody would know or have an opportunity to notice your in-person connection. Just feel it out; you’ll know if the vibe is right.  

You’re in love with a coworker. All is fair in love and war. Love conquers all. You know how the sayings go… If you’re madly in love with a coworker and don’t care how it’ll impact your work, I say choose love! There’s nothing worse than regret or wondering what would’ve happened had you made a move.  


Cons of an Office Romance 

Dating a supervisor could be risky. It sounds hot, but it might be best not to make a sexual fantasy with your boss a reality. Honestly, it can be really risky for your job and your relationship with your peers. Some companies strictly prohibit supervisors from dating their employees. From retaliation after a messy breakup to a dip in employee morale, mixing romantic emotions in a professional setting with a supervisor could ultimately lead to the demise of your job. Plus, if the feeling isn’t mutual, it can make things super uhh awkward…  

Breakup aftermath. So, you and your coworker boo broke up, or maybe things didn’t go so well after your first date. What now? Unless the breakup ends on good terms, things can get really uncomfortable, especially if you work closely with this person. Will you be able to maintain a professional working relationship? Or will the tension get the best of you?  

Office gossip. Be forewarned that people are going to talk. Gossip and rumors may circulate, and let’s just say that people can be mad judgy. You may be viewed as being unprofessional. Don’t be surprised if people start asking personal questions about your love life. But hey, if you don’t care and are confident in asking out a coworker despite what others think, YOLO!    


How to Spark an Office Romance  

When the pros outweigh the cons, and you’re invested in making love work at work, here are a few tips for dating a coworker: 


Set limits. Making out during your lunch break or grabbing your cuties booty after a meeting can be, err mmm awkward. It’s prob best to keep sexual or romantic interactions outside the office.  

Be honest about your relationship. If you’ve made it official with your coworker, don’t hide it on social media or lie to your peers. Keeping your relationship a secret can weigh heavily on your heart. If you can’t be open about your office romance, is it worth pursuing in the first place?  

Be prepared for the worst. Just being realistic. If things don’t work out, be ready to deal with the aftermath of an office breakup. Talk about it with your coworker lover and get on the same page, just in case.  

If you’re unsure, ask HR. It can be rather uncomfortable, but if you’re considering dating a coworker, but don’t want to risk the integrity of your job, ask someone first. Are you comfortable talking to your HR manager and getting a feel for the policy of an in-office relationship? It might be worth having a slightly embarrassing conversation to get a feel for things before you get too deep. Or you could talk to a Psychic to get a sense of the situation before you take a step forward.  


Talk to a Psychic About Your Office Romance 

If you’re seeking an objective, non-judgmental opinion on whether dating your office crush is a good idea, hit up a Love, Sex, and Romance Psychic or a Psychic who specializes in Career and Money to get a read on your work environment. Here are a few questions you can ask your Psychic for a detailed read on your situation:  

  • My coworker asked me out on a date. Do you see this being a good idea, and what are their intentions?  
  • I’m in love with my coworker. Should I pursue a relationship?   
  • My coworker and I broke up, and now things are weird in the office. What should I do?  
  • My boss asked me out on a date. Should I go? And what will come out of this relationship? 


I hope my blog post helped you access your office love situation. Leave a comment below if you have tips for your fellow readers!

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Your PathForward Blogger Samantha
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