Is He Coming Back?

Is He Coming Back?

July 26, 2021
He's walking away, but is he quietly thinking of ways to turn around and come right back?
He's walking away, but is he quietly thinking of ways to turn around and come right back?

Breakups are painful, and having someone leave you feels pretty awful. We've been there! So, if you're looking for reasons to hold out hope that the person you love is (not-so) secretly considering rekindling that romance, you're not alone. Some behaviors may give insight into your ex's true feelings.

4 Signs They May Come Back...

Trying to make sense of your ex's post-breakup behavior in the hopes that they're secretly planning to come back to you? Here are a few good signs to watch out for:

  1. They're checking in on you: When your ex regularly takes the time to see how you're doing, at least they still care about you ... and maybe, maybe, still have some romantic feelings.
  2. They're stalking you on social media: If you've caught your ex-boyfriend liking, commenting, or just quietly watching your Insta stories, it can be a sign that they want to know what you're up to — in other words, if you've moved on. (Bonus points if they're commenting on old pics of the two of your having amazing times together.)
  3. They're still in touch with your friends: An ex in constant touch with your friends is a good signal they want you back. They're not trying to erase you from their memory — and they're keeping up with your life and general well-being via your friends.
  4. You broke up amicably: If there wasn't anything actually wrong with your relationship (in other words, no cheating, no gaslighting, no mind games), you might be able to salvage the relationship when you're both in a better place emotionally.

Trying to decipher subtle signals can have your head spinning, though. If you're not sure what to make of, say, a comment to a friend or on a social media post, get a love Psychic Reading to help figure it all out.

...and 3 Signs They're Ready to Move On (So You Can, Too!)

On the other hand, if there's no way your ex would ever consider getting back together, you want to know so you don't torture yourself by holding out hope for no reason. Signs your ex probably won't come back include:

  1. They're not making an effort: Maybe you both said you'd keep in touch, and you've tried to keep up your end by inviting your ex for coffee or just sending friendly texts here and there. If you're getting zero reciprocation, they're probably not looking to re-establish the relationship.
  2. They gave you back your stuff: If they returned your clothes, personal items, and other stuff, that's a not-so-subtle signal that they want to get rid of any reminders of your life together.
  3. They suggest you move on: Yeah, it's super hard to hear, but your ex may ultimately be doing you a favor by flat-out telling you you need to move on. If your ex suggests you try to see other people, that's one of the biggest signs they're not looking for a way back into your life.

Making sense of an ex's actions can be tough. Whether you need more insight into their behavior or you're ready to move on, a PathForward Psychic can help guide your next steps


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