Is Your Partner Materialistic?

Is Your Partner Materialistic?

June 01, 2019
Learning to cope with a materialistic partner
Learning to cope with a materialistic partner
In some relationships, one person is more materialistic than the other. Although this might seem like a small concern, it can become a large problem if the relationship escalates to a serious level. When you're dating someone who is more materialistic than you, you might begin to feel inadequate, especially if you are currently pinching pennies.

When dating someone who has a passion for everything from shoes to expensive purses, it can be difficult to relate to her on a certain level. However, it's important to address the problem sooner than later.

Sit down with your loved one and ask her how important her shoes or purse really is to her - would she trade your love for a brand new dress?

Next, let your partner know that you feel that you are disappointing her when you can't afford to shower her with such luxuries. This can open the waves of communication between the two of you.

Finally, speak to a psychic if the situation does not improve. Psychic love advice might be just what you need to get over this difference in your personalities.

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