Ladies - Should you Wait Around for a Proposal?

Ladies - Should you Wait Around for a Proposal?

November 01, 2019
Should you have to wait for him to propose?
Should you have to wait for him to propose?
Tradition dictates that the man should be the one to get down on one knee, pull out a ring and ask his lady to become his bride. But, unless you live in fantasy-land, you know that men can sometimes drag their feet when it comes to commitments like engagement and marriage. If things are getting serious with your sweetheart and you think he may be The One, do you need to wait for him to make a move?

Purists argue that it's uncouth for a woman to be the one to propose marriage, but we say - it's 2011! Women run workplaces, hold political office and do all kinds of other powerful things, so why can't they take charge of their own romantic futures? It may not be quite the dreamy proposal as you'd planned, but if you really think your boyfriend could become your husband, why not ask?

You don't necessarily need to get down on one knee and "pop the question." You can simply bring the matter up over dinner, and ask your sweetie where he thinks the relationship is going. Throwing out a word like marriage might freak him out, especially if you've never discussed it before, so ease into the idea gently. It should be easy to tell if he's on board or if he's not feeling quite as ready as you are.

If it turns out he's just as excited about the prospect of a wedding as you are, broaching the subject with him before he proposes has many advantages. You can pick out your own ring, for one thing!

If you have questions about the future of your relationship, try talking to a psychic. Our talented psychics can use their powers to see into your future and determine if you need to make the first move to achieve wedded bliss. 

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