Learning to Date a Bad Kisser

Learning to Date a Bad Kisser

May 25, 2019
Learning to date a bad kisser
Learning to date a bad kisser
After your first date with a terrific guy, he might be polite enough to drop you off on your door step and follow it up with a kiss - but what if the kiss isn't what you expected it to be? Not everyone is a pro when it comes to kissing, and a bad one can certainly ruin an otherwise good date.

Just because a guy is a bad kisser doesn't mean you have to run for the hills. There are a few things to take into consideration - perhaps he was just nervous, or maybe he had one too many drinks.

Don't write him off for a second date. Instead, think positively about the situation. If it turns out that he's a poor kisser, take it upon yourself to show him the ropes. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and who knows? Maybe this inexperienced guy is your true soul mate!

If you really like him but you can't get over his bad kissing skills, speak to a psychic as soon as possible. Through psychic readings, you'll be able to learn whether your relationship has potential. If it doesn't, there may be no harm in moving on after all.

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