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Love, By the Numbers

November 20, 2020 by Psychic Halo x4168
Numerology and love advice; it just adds up.
Numerology and love advice; it just adds up.

Are you connected to the language of numbers? Is this a form of spiritual communication you've received before? You might see them on license plates, the clock, the time someone emails or texts you, the date a video was posted, the numbers on a TV show, etc. Below is a blueprint for what certain numbers can mean in relation to your love life. 

  • 111 - A yes sign that love is coming or your current relationship will get better. However, sometimes it can mean a yes to your concerns if you are thinking about your partner cheating when you see them. 
  • 222 - You're going to meet your soulmate soon, recently have, or are already with the right person. Can also be a sign that an ex is returning. 
  • 333 - A woman in your partner's family loves and accept you, reach out to them and say hello. Or, a reassurance that there is goodness in your partner's family. 
  • 444 - A male in your partner's family member accepts and loves you. Can also mean that you and your partner are about to become official. 
  • 555 - Things are moving too fast in the relationship and it’s time to slow down. Whether good or bad, fast changes can knock a steady relationship off balance! 
  • 666 - Danger! You are in the wrong relationship and your worst fear about your partner is truer. An argument is about to happen. 
  • 777 - You and your partner are almost through the roughest part of the relationship and about to embark upon a successful journey. A goal is about to be reached. 
  • 888 - Money, money, money! You and your partner will soon buy a house together, sign a lease together, or go into business together. 
  • 999 - A sign of a new addition to the family. Perhaps you're pregnant! Or your crush (he or she or they) is about to ask you out on a date. Either way, there will be a pleasant surprise in your life.

The above are just some of the potential meanings for a few common numerological sightings, and are not necessarily exact or even relevant to what are seeing. For example, if you see your birthday numbers it can mean your wish is about to come true. When in doubt, meditate on the numbers and/or get a reading from a trusted Psychic advisor. 

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