Making Room for New Arrivals
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Making Room for New Arrivals

September 14, 2020
Welcoming a blended family can be challenging, but with the right steps, you can make your household peaceful and welcoming.

Inviting another person into your home to stay long-term has its challenges. Whatever the situation — like your family moving in for a while, moving in a parent to care for them, or inviting your significant other to move in with you — opening your home and personal space is a big step. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible for everyone, and you'll find them right here in this guide.

Establish Boundaries

The first thing to do is set up boundaries for yourself and invite your new roomie to set some boundaries of their own. A good example is if you have an early work schedule, talk with your S.O. or family member about keeping the noise down after a certain time at night or shutting the lights off that don't need to be on so you can relax at bedtime.

Create a Space Just for Yourself

It's important that you create and keep a space just for you. Set up a spot in the garden, a small room, your home office, or another space where you can go during moments when you feel overwhelmed and just need some alone time. Having a sacred space just for you where you can meditate, think, read a book, or even take a nap is so important for staying in touch with yourself.

This can also be a great space for seeking inner guidance or speaking privately with a professional psychic for deeper insight into how you can make your new living arrangement work.

Plan Time All Together

Spend time together and involve everyone in your new blended household. Do something simple like a game night every Friday or a once-a-month outdoor event, like a beach day or a day at the park. This is an awesome way to involve everyone in the home and find ways to connect in common interests. Planning time together also helps everyone feel that they're welcomed, and it's a great way to ease tensions, especially when dealing with houseguests.

Plan Time Apart

Everyone in the home should also spend time apart. It's important that everyone has their own outlet that they can turn to when the living dynamic gets a little overwhelming. Get kids to read and find time to play and help your other loved ones find healthy outlets when they're feeling stressed. Everyone can benefit from time away from each other because it gives everyone the chance to take a break and relieve the common tensions that come from being together all the time.

You can also connect with us here at PathForward, where we can help you gain deeper insight into the dynamic of the personalities that you welcome into your home. With some understanding and finding common ground between everyone, you can help make your new environment happy, healthy, and harmonious.


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