Receiving a Breakup Text: Why it Happens and How to Move On
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Receiving a Breakup Text: Why it Happens and How to Move On

May 30, 2023 by Samantha
Getting a breakup text can be devastating. Learn how to deal and thrive!
Getting a breakup text can be devastating. Learn how to deal and thrive!

My best friend called me the other day, "He broke up with me over text!" she cried over the phone. She couldn't believe this man she'd been dating for 3+ years was so heartless to break up over text. Ouch. My heart hurts for her. Getting over a breakup is hard enough, but when your person sends a breakup text instead of saying it to your face, it makes things that much harder. 

Feeling confused, angry, and disrespected are just some of the many emotions post-breakup text. Especially when you thought things were going well. How could someone be so cold? According to a study conducted in 2018 by a text marketing company, SimpleTextin found that 69% of millennial participants admitted to breaking up with someone over text, and 66% said they'd received a breakup text – wow! Sending text messages for breakup seems more common than I thought. 


So, Why Do People Break Up Over Text?  

The digital world is just so convenient these days. We literally don't have to move off the comfort of our couch to get anything done anymore. I mean, you can order groceries or even buy a car right from your mobile device. So why should face-to-face communication be any different? Breaking up is not easy. The dreaded "it's not you, it's me" convo takes a lot of guts, especially when the feeling isn't mutual. So why not just google search messages for a breakup and dump 'em over text? For some, taking the easy way out to avoid confrontation is way easier than tears and explanation.  

Social media and dating apps have normalized breaking up over text. When you meet someone on a digital platform, it would seem like breaking things off via text would make sense. I suppose a text is better than straight-up ghosting, but we'll save that topic for another day.  

Long-distance relationships would be another reason why people break up via text. If your relationship is mostly through text, ending things with a novel-length text message plus an emoji might not be such a federal breakup offense. I suppose it really all depends on the dynamic of your relationship.  


Can Breaking Up Over Text be a Good Thing? 

I don't really know how to feel about this. It depends on the situation. If you've been with someone for a long time and you get dumped via text out of the blue, then NO. This type of breakup is never ok. On the other side, if you are casually dating someone and the feelings are mutual, then I supposed it might be easier to cut ties and move forward at the click of a button. Everyone's relationship is different, but I believe being upfront is always best. At least pick up the phone and have an honest conversation if you can't meet their eyes.  


How to Get Over a Breakup by Text 

Moving forward after the loss of a relationship is an emotional roller-coaster. When someone ends the relationship via text message, the best thing to do is just move on. I hate to say it, but you gotta put on your big girl pants, brush your shoulders off, and look forward. If your partner couldn't do the right thing and talk to you like an adult, don't waste your energy trying to resurrect a relationship that's lacking love and respect. You deserve SO MUCH BETTER! Now is the time to have your friends, family, and loved ones rallying around you. Venting to your BFF or a Psychic is the cheapest therapy, and at PathForward, our Psychics are ALWAYS available to listen and offer an objective opinion.  

Bettering Yourself After a Breakup Text 

Now is the time to make self-love and care a priority. Loving yourself first is the key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Did you put things on hold while you were in a relationship? Go back to what you love. For instance, I stopped doing yoga when I was with my ex, and I loved yoga! I practiced nearly every day and became "too busy" when my relationship picked up with my ex-boyfriend. When we broke up, I regretted stopping what I loved doing for myself. Do things that make you feel good, like exercise, reading, or getting involved in a community of like-minded people. Fall back in love with your #1, you. 


Embrace the Lessons Learned

Use the lessons you've learned to guide your path to a partner who's right for you. Chances are, if you experienced breaking up over text, communication might have been lacking in your relationship. Do you have a non-negotiable list? Add "must be a great communicator" to your checklist. The distress of a breakup can be devastating, and some say a broken heart is the worst pain of all. But there is always a silver lining. What have you learned about yourself? Do you know what you want and need in a loving relationship? Embrace, embrace, embrace! 


Get Supported  

Talk to a love & relationship Psychic about your situation. Trust me, you'll feel soooo much better. A Psychic can help you find closure and understanding after a breakup text. If you seek answers or want intuitive insight into your ex's perspective, a Psychic can reveal that information. Don't be left wondering why. Getting the truth is essential to getting over your ex, healing, and finding love again.  

Sending you so much love and good vibes. Xo. 



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Your PathForward Blogger Samantha
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