Should I Believe Him When He Promises to Divorce Her?

Should I Believe Him When He Promises to Divorce Her?

March 28, 2019
If he hasn't left her yet, odds are he isn't going to.
If he hasn't left her yet, odds are he isn't going to.
Dating a married man is more than complicated. If you're hoping to spend the rest of your life with a man, you don't want to be the other woman. You have to know that he's going to leave his wife for you. Trusting someone who's already unfaithful isn't easy. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide whether he's worth believing.

Is Your Relationship Based on Sex?
If you're hooking up every time you meet up, then your relationship is undoubtedly only about sex. Think about what else you two do together, if anything. If you find that your relationship is all about sex, then your man is simply bored with his wife and wants a new toy to play with. Don't expect him to leave if all he's getting from you is a booty call. If you're not entirely sure, confide in someone for a second opinion, such as a love psychic.

Is His Marriage Really in Jeopardy?
Most men will only leave their wife if the relationship is truly in jeopardy. If there weren't any serious problems in his marriage before you came along, he's probably not going to quickly jump at the chance to leave her. However, if they were already on the verge of divorce when you started your relationship, he'll likely leave her at some point.

Would He Ever Marry You?
Just because he decides to leave his wife doesn't mean he's doing it for you. Forget about what things are like now and consider your future together. Since less than five percent of affairs actually turn into long-term relationships, the odds are against you. If he's never going to marry you, then he won't likely leave his wife to be with you. If you're unsure, consider getting some psychic advice to help you answer this question.

Is He Honest With His Wife?
Let's face it, if he hasn't told his wife, the man is a liar. If he's hiding your relationship, then he's hiding a huge secret from his wife: supposedly the closest person in a man's life. If he's lying to her, what might he lie to you about? Don't stick it out with a man who isn't willing to tell his wife. If he's not honest with her, then likely he won't be honest with you.

How Long Has it Been?
Finally, ask yourself how long you've been in your relationship with him. If he really wanted to leave his wife for you, he wouldn't be waiting around for anything. When you're already a few months into the relationship and he hasn't made any effort to separate or file divorce papers, then he likely won't start changing any time soon.

As you contemplate whether he'll actually leave his wife or not, make sure you really understand the situation and that you take these questions to heart.

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