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Should I Sleep with My Boss?

September 08, 2020
Thinking about seducing your boss?
Thinking about seducing your boss?

You love your job and can see a bright future with the company. The only problem is that there is a real attraction between you and your boss. You can feel it, your co-workers can see it, but is acting on the feeling and sleeping with the boss worth the risk of all that can be lost by giving into temptation? The answer lies in why the temptation exists. 

Things to Consider if You Want to Sleep With Your Boss or Manager

Are You Feeling Love or Lust?

If it's lust and you work in a job you love, don't explore the relationship. Finding a substitute is your better option. One or two nights of hot sex is not worth the hassle you will endure by giving into your passion. If co-workers find out you're sleeping with your boss, you'll be looking at accusations of favoritism even when you get the better stapler. Not to mention if office policy forbids such a transaction, you could be looking at losing your job.

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Has Your Boss or Manager Offered You Something for Sex?

If this is the case, definitely don't do it. If he's offering you something for sex you are probably not the first in line that has received this offer.  Not only is it wrong for him to offer, it is against the law. Most human resource departments have strict guidelines for sexual harassment. Don't be bullied into sex.

On the other hand, if you do go through with sleeping with your boss for a favor, be cautious of co-workers. If they report you, you and your boss could be out of a job.

Is This Job Temporary?

Questions regarding having sex with a boss or any co-worker also depend on your dedication to the company. If you are planning on leaving soon and having a wild night with an authority figure is something that excites you, then go for it!  If you go this route, be cautious and use protection. You don't want to take the risk he will give you something that lasts longer than your one night stand.

After Contemplating the Risks Do You Still Think It's Love?

If so, there is probably nothing anyone can say or do that will sway you to refrain from sleeping with him. It may be good to know that statistically, 11 percent of all women who sleep with their bosses do eventually marry them.  That is eleven out of every 100. Not great statistics but not bad either. If your relationship with your boss is worth all the risk then dive in. 

There is definitely a lot to consider before having sex with your boss. Sexual encounters that happen with a boss more often end in not-so-great circumstances. If you have thought it all through and it's what you want, you just may beat the odds.

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