Should You Reconnect with an Old Lover?

Should You Reconnect with an Old Lover?

July 29, 2017
Your ex is calling - should you answer?
Your ex is calling - should you answer?
You're going about your day as usual when your phone buzzes with a number you haven't seen in ages - it's your ex's! He's going to be in town this weekend for business, and wants to know if you want to grab coffee. You're torn - should you meet up with him and risk stirring up old feelings, or skip it altogether and burn that bridge once and for all?

As the weeks and months pass by after a breakup, it can be easy to forget what drove you apart in the first place. Often, we gloss over the unpleasant aspects of a relationship and find ourselves only remembering the good times, all the nights lying on the couch together and the evenings spent out on romantic dates. But don't forget, the relationship ended for a reason. Don't get carried away - if you do decide to go, remind yourself that you're just going as friends.

If, on the other hand, the relationship didn't end well, don't meet up with your ex hoping to smooth things over. A single coffee won't fix everything, and it'll likely leave you feeling confused and lonely. If he was a jerk during the relationship, he certainly doesn't deserve your friendship - not even for just one afternoon together.

For more advice, contact a psychic. Our talented psychics can peer into your future to see if a date with the ex will be harmless fun or a trip down a pretty run-down memory lane.

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