Signs He's About to Propose
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Signs He's About to Propose

August 23, 2019
The diamond ring you've been waiting for!
The diamond ring you've been waiting for!
Have you been impatiently waiting for your man to get down on one knee? Are you desperately analyzing his every word and move? Perhaps you desire a week or even a month to prepare your brain and your left finger for what is about to happen.

Truth be told, most men drop subtle hints without even realizing it. Some will act downright strange in those weeks leading up to the big question. Here are just a few ways you can predict that perfect proposal.

1. He Has Quickly Gone Broke
Your man used to wine and dine you at your favorite restaurants on the regular. Now, you're lucky if he treats you to a milkshake. When suggesting you attend a concert, he says, "it's too expensive." Your annual beach weekend, well, that's out too. His wallet is making fewer and fewer appearances and it may be due to one extravagant purchase: your beautiful diamond ring. 

2. He's Extremely Interested in Your Schedule
He's never given your weekend plans too much care and concern. Sure, he loves hanging out with you, but he certainly has never asked you about a specific weekend this far in advance! Let's face it, men are not planners. He's up to something. 

3. He's Acting Strangely, Even For Him
He's always been comfortable burping, making inappropriate comments, and even insisting your new dress is ugly. Now, he can barely respond to a simple question. Something is clearly on his mind. Want to be sure he's up to good? Talk to some friends who were proposed to recently and see how their guy behaved prior to the big day. Visiting a psychic to discuss his actions is another surefire way to see what's really going on. 

4. He's Wanting To Spend More Time With Your Parents
Your boyfriend has suggested you invite your parents over for dinner. Even more, he cooks and refuses their help with the dishes. Or perhaps, he's asked that they come along with you two for a double date. This sudden act of interest in spending time with your mom and dad is no coincidence. He's preparing to ask their permission.

5. He's Been Talking About Your Future Together 
He has been talking freely about the kids you will have together. He asks you about your dream house and gives his input on what he desire for the house you two will have together. He's envisioning your future together and isn't scared to talk about it. Little does he know you've already seen the best psychic in town to talk about the future with your lad. 

6. He Randomly Plans a Big Trip
You fell in love on your first beach vacation together. You often go on weekend getaways but you haven't had an extravagant vacation in what seems like an eternity. Now, he's just booked a flight and hotel for a week in paradise. Seems a bit fishy, doesn't it? Maybe he's thinking about a proposal with a beautiful backdrop.

It's coming. You can feel it in your bones. Everything he says is proving your suspicions. Don't ask questions and play along with his weirdness. You'll be crying tears of happiness in no time. 

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