Teaching Kids the Art of Thankfulness: Raising Grateful Children
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Teaching Kids the Art of Thankfulness: Raising Grateful Children

November 22, 2023 by Pathforward
Gratitude is one of the most valuable qualities you can teach your little one.
Gratitude is one of the most valuable qualities you can teach your little one.

It's not easy being a parent, and if you've ever wished that your child would be just a little more grateful, you're not alone. Gratitude doesn't always come naturally to young children, especially when kids today grow up with the world at their fingertips (today's youth will never know the struggles of dial-up internet, that's for sure). That said, there are ways you can teach your children to be grateful so they grow up to be the kind, compassionate people you want them to be. Let's explore some tips for raising grateful kids in an entitled world.

Nurturing Gratitude in Your Children

As a parent, you want to teach your child how to be a good person. You work hard to nurture their character and values, such as kindness, empathy, and integrity. Gratitude is another essential value you can cultivate in your children. A grateful person feels genuinely thankful for the blessings in their life. They have a desire to give back to others, particularly the less fortunate. A grateful person radiates joy, drawing people to them like moths to a flame.

Most young kids don't have a built-in understanding of gratitude. In fact, it's totally normal for young kids to be self-centered, so don't beat yourself up when your toddler throws a tantrum in the grocery store over a box of cookies. During these early years, you can take steps to guide your children toward becoming grateful, self-aware people who truly care about the world around them.

Use Astrology To Understand Your Child's Personality

Have you ever wished that parenting came with a handbook? Yeah — it's really, really hard. While there's no official how-to guide, you do have some tools at your disposal. Astrology can provide valuable insights into your child's unique personality. With astrology, you can learn whether your kid has a natural tendency toward gratefulness or whether it's worth spending more time teaching them this valuable quality.

Generally, these are the most grateful zodiac signs:

  • Taurus: A Taurus, known for their no-nonsense attitude, can appreciate the simple things in life. They're also grateful for experiences that teach them lessons or help them grow.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarians are naturally humble and eternally optimistic. Of all the signs, they're the most likely to feel grateful for what they have in their life.
  • Libra: Libras love helping others and show their gratitude through actions and gifts. They can also find the beauty in life, even when they have to look a little harder for it.
  • Leo: Leos shine in the spotlight and wish to share their good fortune with others. When you show compassion to a Leo, they'll give it right back to you.
  • Pisces: The wise and sensitive Pisces exude kindness and gratitude. A Pisces has a natural ability to give others what they need.

If your child isn't one of these signs, it doesn't mean they're incapable of gratitude. Everyone expresses appreciation in different ways. For example, Geminis wear their heart on their sleeve and are quick to express gratitude when they feel it strongly. A grateful Virgo will typically pay it forward through small acts of kindness. Use your child's astrological sign to understand how they experience gratitude and show it to others.

How To Teach Kids To Be Grateful

Regardless of their astrological sign, every child can learn to be grateful. While this quality starts at home, you might wonder how you can teach your children to be grateful in an increasingly entitled world. Let's explore some tips for raising grateful kids.

Voice Your Own Gratitude

It's no secret that your child is always listening to you (but if anyone asks, they learned that word at daycare). Make it a point to practice gratefulness when interacting with your child. When you voice your gratitude out loud, you teach your child that there's always something to be thankful for. Here are some phrases you can use to show gratitude to your little one:

  • "Today is a beautiful day, and I'm glad I get to spend it with you."
  • "This is a yummy dinner. We're fortunate to have this delicious meal together."
  • "I appreciate you for being so helpful and putting away your toys."
  • "I know that was scary. I'm thankful we're safe and together."

Make a Gratitude Jar

You probably know the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. Think of a gratitude jar as the same thing but for little kids. Each day, have every family member write down one thing they're grateful for and place the notes in the jar. If you have a younger child, you can help them with this activity until they can do it themselves. As a family, you might choose to read the notes each week as a way of keeping gratitude in your child's mind.

Start a Gratitude Tradition

Similar to a gratitude jar, a gratitude tradition can keep gratefulness front and center in your home. For example, you might go around and say what you're thankful for at the dinner table, or you might ask your children this question as you put them to bed each night. Whatever tradition you choose, make it a consistent habit to teach your child the importance of gratitude.

Volunteer Together

As your children get older, show them the importance of giving back to others by volunteering together. For example, you might volunteer to serve food at a shelter or organize items for a toy drive. While volunteering, talk to your kids about the importance of doing something for others. Volunteering can help your children become generous, empathetic adults who care about others.

Raising grateful kids takes work, but with some practice, you can model gratitude to your children and teach them how to express their thankfulness. For more help in raising grateful children, schedule a consultation with a PathForward Psychic Advisor. Our Psychics can provide intuitive insights into your child's behaviors and natural inclinations based on their astrological sign. Learn more about PathForward and the ways we can support you in parenthood and beyond.


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