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The Visual Dictionary of Modern Dating Terms

August 10, 2022 by PathForward
The Dictionary of Modern Dating Terms

Love ain't easy! And nowadays, finding love online is the new norm, making things more complicated than ever. From dating apps and social media, it's not enough to just have a killer profile pic and inviting bio. You also need to know the lingo. Read on to level up your game and master the meaning of some modern dating terms before swiping right (or left).


Ghosting (v)

Boo! Ghosting refers to situations where a person you've been chatting with online suddenly stops messaging back.

Ex. "I can't believe it! We had been DMing for weeks, and then he just ghosted me one day, and now I can't get a reply."

thirst trap

Thirst Trap (n)

A thirst trap is any provocative, attractive, or overly sexualized photo whose aim is not to attract genuine admiration but to 'trap' multiple viewers into professing their affections.

Ex. "Gina, that picture of you in your bikini might be seen as a bit of a thirst trap."


Benching (v)

To place a potential love interest 'on hold' while you either asses them or your other option. Typically frowned upon by the benched.

Ex. "Ethan is a super nice guy and all, but I'm benching him until I'm sure it's over with my ex."


Thicc (adj)

Big in all the best ways. Used to describe a suitor that is large, curvy, muscular, cuddly, or any combination thereof.

Ex. "Oh my god, did you see that lumberjack-looking guy! I'd love to date a man that thicc!"


Catfishing (v)

The act of lying about who you are online to appear more attractive. Though typically seen in altered, overly flattering, or straight-up fake profile images. This can also extend to fibbing in your bio about your likes, interests, and beliefs.

Ex. "He looked like a model in his Tinder pictures. But when we met, I didn't recognize him at all. What a catfish!"


Bot (n)

Fake or automated accounts on dating apps. These can be difficult to spot at first but are almost always hosted by scammers looking to pump you for exploitable personal information. Beware!

Ex. "As soon as he went from asking me about my day to asking about my mother's maiden name, I knew it was a bot."


Curve (v)

Hard no! To reject an advance by a suitor or avoid them all together.

Ex. "I had to curve Jessica. She just isn't my type."

sliding into dms

Sliding into the DMs

Sending someone you're interested in a private or direct message. Typically an indicator of romantic interest.

Ex. "So, that guy I matched with last night just slid into my DMs."


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