Wait...Am I the Other Woman!?
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Wait...Am I the Other Woman!?

March 07, 2022
Learn what signs to look for to tell if you're the other woman.
Learn what signs to look for to tell if you're the other woman.

So you've met the perfect guy: he's handsome, devoted to his career, and he makes you laugh and feel amazing. However, if you feel like something's up and have ever wondered if you're the other woman, there are subtle and not-so-subtle signs that can tell you where you stand.


Does He Take Forever to Respond?

When you text him,  does he leave you on "read ?" Or do you get a dashed-off response and then nothing? This could be a sign that he has other responsibilities to take care of — you know, like his wife and family. Long stints between responses and communication in general just might mean he can't communicate with you because he's busy with his wife and kids. Sometimes it really can be the guy has a lot going on, but when a single guy is interested, he'll respond.


Does He Only Come to Your Place?

Do you ever go to his place? Or does he always come to you? Married men can't invite the 'other woman' to their place, obviously, so if you've never been to his house, it could mean he's trying to hide his marriage. Try asking him about it next time you see him, like making a suggestion to do dinner at his place next time. If he tries to avoid that or makes up some excuse why you shouldn't go to his place, listen to your intuition because it's probably telling you he doesn't want you to know he's married.


Do You Only See Each Other During the Week?

In a typical family dynamic, spouses work during the week and usually use the weekends to relax, run errands, and be together as a family. So if your boo is only making time for you during weird weekday hours when he should be working, it's a pretty good sign that his weekends are reserved for his wife and family.


Does Your Intuition Tell You Something's Up?

Your intuition is a powerful tool that's there for a reason: to tell you basically "you in danger, girl." So if your gut is screaming that something doesn't seem on the up-and-up about the way your relationship is going, listen to it. If you have these feelings and are unsure of how to navigate them, you can speak with an intuitive like a professional psychic to help you get some insight into whetheryou may be the other woman in your partner's life. It's also a great way to learn to develop your intuition more.


While some of these red flags on their own don't necessarily mean you're his side piece, they're usually good signs that something's up. You can also ask him point-blank since clear communication leaves no room to wonder. And remember, our team of professional psychics here at PathForward is experienced in helping and supporting your self-discovery one session at a time.

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