What to do when you're Suddenly the Third Wheel

What to Do When You're Suddenly the Third Wheel

November 16, 2019
Are you suddenly the third wheel to your friends' relationship?
Are you suddenly the third wheel to your friends' relationship?
Everyone has those two friends whose relationship has always been bursting with sexual tension. Now that you're adults, they might have finally decided to act on it. At first, when two people you care about get together, it's exciting and fun! But soon, you might start feeling like you're the odd man out.

Nobody likes to feel excluded, and there are few things more awkward than being the third wheel on somebody else's date. If the three of you used to hang out together all the time before your friends got romantically involved, those old chill sessions might have transformed into awkward hang outs that make you feel as though you're not really welcome. If you're unhappy with the turn things are taking, your best bet is to speak up.

Your friends will be understanding of your predicament and will hopefully make an effort to insure that you feel more included when the three of you are together. Remember, some of the onus falls on you, too - although you might feel awkward, relaxing and remembering how well the three of you get along can help put everyone at ease.

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