When Your Parents Don't Like Your Significant Other

When Your Parents Don't Like Your Significant Other

January 15, 2020
What should you do if your parents don't like your boyfriend?
You're in love, and you want your parents to know it! You've been looking forward to introducing them to your sweetie for months, and every time he's fretted that they won't like him, you've reassured him that he's just being paranoid. But now that you've got them all in a room together, his fears are starting to look a little more grounded - it doesn't seem like they're getting on very well at all.

Whether they dislike his tattoos, his religion, his education or anything else, you can't always guarantee that your parents will see the same thing in your honeybunch that makes you love him. If it looks like they're clashing with him, it's time to step in.

You need to speak to your parents alone, without your sweetie present. Sit them down and explain what it is that you love about him, and tell them in no uncertain terms that you've chosen to be with him. For many parents, nobody could ever be good enough for their little one - hearing that you're in love with him might help them warm up to him a little bit.

Try telling your 'rents sweet stories about you and your honeybunch met and fell in love, and make sure you emphasize his good qualities so your parents can see how much he means to you.

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