When Your Roommate Steals Your Boyfriend

When Your Roommate Steals Your Boyfriend

February 02, 2019
Did your roommate steal your boyfriend?
Did your roommate steal your boyfriend?
Many women have experienced the pain of a close friend stealing their man right under their eyes. Of course, if two gal pals live together, a situation such as this can go from messy to disastrous in an instant.

If you currently lost your main squeeze to your roommate, it's likely you're plotting some serious revenge. Still, it's important to take a deep breath before throwing all of her belongings in the dumpster or replacing her shampoo with Nair.

Take a look at the situation from a different angle - although you may have been close with this person at one point, did you brush off her bad behavior more often than not? Sometimes women fail to understand that a friendship is poisonous until things get out of hand.

Also, it's likely the two of you signed a lease, which means you'll have to fulfill the rest of your contract. Stay out of this girl's way until you're allowed to move, and then rid her from your life.

Those who are in this situation should make sure they speak with a psychicOur psychics can provide deep insight to help you understand the choices you will face in deciding just how you are going to deal with this major blow.

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