Why Cheating Husbands Rarely Leave Their Wives
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Why Cheating Husbands Rarely Leave Their Wives

August 18, 2019
Office affairs with married men don't often lead to long-term relationships.
Office affairs with married men don't often lead to long-term relationships.

You’re new boyfriend is everything you’ve always hoped for in a partner. He’s handsome, smart, funny, and generous, but he’s also married. If you’re waiting for this man to switch gears and leave his wife, you may not get the happy ending you hoped for. Here are some compelling reasons to reconsider the future of this relationship.

The Thrill is In the Affair

Most cheating husbands are looking to recapture the thrill of a new relationship. Those first heady months with someone new are far more exhilarating than date night with a partner you’ve been with for years. The added thrill of an illicit relationship where you’re doing something wrong can prolong the intensity and excitement even longer than what you would experience in a typical monogamous relationship.

Though you may want the thrill of having him all to yourself, and the satisfaction of building a life together, many of the benefits that he enjoys from the relationship would disappear if he committed exclusively to you.

They Still Love Their Wives

From a woman’s point of view, it’s often difficult to imagine how you could cheat on someone you love. For the man, however, things can look very different. In many cases, the cheating husband still loves his wife very much. While he undeniably has feelings for his mistress as well, it’s a very different type of relationship in his mind and one cannot replace the other. Both offer something unique.

They Don’t Want to Ruin Their Families

Even unhappy husbands often hope to stay with their wives to keep the family together. If your partner is clearly unhappy with his wife, but still resists leaving her, his children may be at the root of the conflict. Speaking with an online psychic can help you identify some of the ties that are keeping him in place. Though you may find it encouraging to think that he would leave his wife if there weren’t any children involved, this fact rarely impacts the final outcome of the situation.

They’re Comfortable with Their Lives

Unfaithful husbands have a caring wife and mother for their children at home maintaining a beautiful house, as well as an alluring lover giving them the sexual attention and adoration they crave. For these men, there’s very little appeal in the idea of giving up their home life and losing the simultaneous attentions of two women. You may feel anxious to step into his wife’s shoes, but he knows that this would leave your shoes empty, and open him up to a world of scorn and punishment from his abandoned wife.

If you’ve been waiting months for a cheating husband to fulfill his promises, it may be time to let go and move on to someone who is free to commit himself to you right now. Speaking with a live psychic can help you clarify this issue and find the love and complete devotion that you deserve.

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