Why Is He Being So Mean to Me?
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

Why Is He Being So Mean to Me?

June 23, 2019
Does your man's anger make him aggressive?
Does your man's anger make him aggressive?

There's a big difference between an emotionally and verbally abusive partner and a mean-spirited one. Regardless, there's no excuse for your partner to treat you poorly.

Still, there could be a misunderstanding or catalyst for his sour treatment. If your boyfriend or husband has sprouted an acid-tongue, here are a few possible explanations for his ugly attitude. 

Frustration at Work

Creative or professional frustration needs an outlet. Unfortunately, sometimes partners are afraid to confront the source of their frustration and release it within the relationship. As such, when a meeting goes poorly or he doesn't get that promotion, he reacts by blowing up at small things. 

If a calm, direct conversation with your significant other doesn't quell his quick temper, he may need to seek professional counseling. 

Poor Communication

Oftentimes couples get lost in translation. You may misinterpret what he's saying as harsh when really he just not that eloquent.

Focus on improving the communication within your relationship. Talk to a therapist or try psychic phone readings to reach a better perspective on how you emote and handle conflict in relationships.

If either of you feels ignored, anger could be the knee-jerk reaction. Both parties must learn to effectively listen and voice their opinions and feelings. You may even find you solve other problems in your relationship through communication.

Dependency Differences

As much as couples enjoy their clingy days, each person in a relationship should maintain a level of independence. If you find your social calendar dwindled down to meeting just your partner, you may come off as too dependent.

Perhaps he sounds unfair when really he just wants you to take control and reestablish your own goals, hobbies, and friendships. As such, if your needs differ strongly, you may need to take some space, go on a break, and evaluate your needs. 

Favoring Others

It takes a toll on a relationship if your partner considers the thoughts and concerns of family and friends over yours. Either of you could be guilty of this, which would lead to mean-spiritedness. Or, if he claims to love you but finds himself infatuated with another woman, his anger may surface because you're not at the forefront of his mind. 

There's no need to shirk off your friends and family, but in a serious relationship, your partner needs to come first. Live psychic readings could illuminate if you or your partner are putting someone else as top priority.

He's Not For You

Whether he never learned good manners or never had positive role models, he doesn't take your relationship seriously, or he just wants to use you and play the field, sometimes you just need to ditch the guy.

Make a pros and cons list. Does he have more bad qualities than good? If you don't feel confident and secure with him, he's not worth the fight. You deserve better. 

Most importantly, be honest with yourself and demand your partner's honesty. With these guides and helpful advice from various sources, you can strike out the mean streak.

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