Working Around Your Career in Your Relationship

Working Around Your Career in Your Relationship

February 18, 2015
Working around your career in your relationship
There's nothing like coming home to your significant other after a long day at work, but what do you do if you hardly have time to see each other? It's not uncommon for jobs to keep couples apart, especially if they work different shifts. However, there are a few ways that you can make sure you still see each other and get that quality time together.

First, make it a point to set a date night once a week. If you have children, find a babysitter who is willing to work around your schedule. Even if you only have time to go out to dinner, catching up can do wonders for a relationship.

Next, keep in contact with each other while you're apart. If one of you is traveling a lot or works long shifts, stay connected via email, text or phone to keep the flame in your relationship alive.

If you think that your partner's career may be more valuable to him than your relationship, you might want to speak to a psychic. A tarot reading can help you determine if you can overcome this hurdle or if it might be best if you both move on.

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