5 Dead Giveaways He's a Deadbeat
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5 Dead Giveaways He's a Deadbeat

December 09, 2020
Is he a gold digger or a keeper?
Is he a gold digger or a keeper?

Hey, all you independent ladies! There's nothing more rewarding than being your own sugar mama and cashing your hard-earned checks. And if we had to guess, being someone else's sugar mama probably isn't what you had in mind. Sure, marrying rich may have been something you once dreamed of, but lately, it seems that the tides have made an unsettling turn. More and more men are looking to hang their hats on a well-off woman rather than provide for her.

But, how do you know if your man is just after your money? Here are five dead giveaways that'll clue you in on whether he's in it for you or for your wallet.

He Knows You Make Good Money

Maybe you came into a little money, or you could work hard at a high-paying job. If your boo knows you've got bankroll and overtly or covertly implies that you should pay for stuff as a result, you may want to reconsider his motives in your relationship.

At First, He Pays for Everything, and Then...

...He pays for nothing. Your relationship may have begun with him being a gentleman and picking up the bill at every opportunity. If he stops paying for things or assumes that you'll cover your outings and other expenses, it may be a sign he's sticking around for the free ride. The next time he wants to go to a fancy restaurant, see if he's willing to split the bill.

He Regularly Suggests Shopping Trips and Lavish Vacations

There's nothing wrong with some good old retail therapy or a nice vacation to escape the stress of everyday life, but if your man regularly suggests expensive shopping excursions or lavish trips, he may have ulterior motives. Want to figure him out real quick? Conveniently leave your wallet at home next time he suggests an outing to see if he picks up the tab.

He's Got 99 Problems and They All Relate to His Finances

Everyone goes through periods of financial trouble, whether it's when you first begin learning how to manage money (or not manage it) or after covering a major expense. If your partner is regularly in the throes of financial hardship and has no problem blaming his money issues on everyone but himself, this could be a sign that he's in the relationship for all the wrong reasons.

He Doesn't Have a Job

If you don't want no scrub, don't stay with a guy who is not actively seeking employment. And, if he expects you to continue to foot the bill throughout the course of his unemployment, that's even more reason to take a second look at his intentions in your relationship.

If your relationship is experiencing symptoms of a mooch, check yourself before you legit wreck yourself. Need a second opinion? Talk to one of the relationship Psychics at PathForward for a love life reading.


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