5 Tips for Avoiding Workplace Sabotage
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5 Tips for Avoiding Workplace Sabotage

November 26, 2014
No one likes a saboteur.
No one likes a saboteur.

At some point, everyone has to deal with a little workplace sabotage, no matter what your job. You may work at a Fortune 500 company, a sales office, a high-end boutique, or your local fast food restaurant, but if you do your job well and get respect from your colleagues and superiors, someone is jealous and resentful. Workplace sabotage comes in many forms, from ruining group projects to spreading lies, so it's important to recognize the signs and avoid this unnecessary behavior altogether.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

When you react negatively to a coworker who's spreading rumors or undermining your authority, you're giving that person exactly what he or she wants. People who try to sabotage others want reactions. If you're unprofessional, you prove their point.

Instead of reacting to these behaviors, act. Be proactive and own your actions, your behavior, and your work ethic. You're in control here. When you start reacting badly, you've given up control. If someone starts talking about you, let your work and your professionalism speak for you. A psychic chat can help you learn how to tame your urge to react emotionally. Your psychic can also help you devise tactics for avoiding the person causing trouble without coming off as unprofessional.

Reach Out to Your Enemies

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” It's a cliché but it's true. Often people try to sabotage someone who's more successful than they are. They feel jealous and distant from their colleagues. When they act out and point out the failings of others, they draw attention to themselves, even if it's negative. Avoid their sabotage by reaching out to them

Document Everything 

At the same time, you need to document every act of sabotage. If you hear that a colleague said something disparaging or if one of your teammates isn't pulling his or her weight, write it down. Keep detailed records, because they will come in handy if you have to talk to your boss or human resources.

Avoid Defensive Behaviors

Acting defensively, like reacting emotionally, gives your saboteur exactly what he or she wants. You're better than that! Keep a cool, calm façade at the office. If you need to scream, vent, or curse, do so after work. While you're in a professional environment, act like everything rolls off your back.

If you know you get defensive when you're accused of something, then be proactive. Talk to a live psychic online to discuss calming strategies. Role play the situation and find out what you can do to thwart these attempts to make you look bad.

Be Direct

Speaking directly to someone trying to sabotage you is more satisfying than risking an unpleasant confrontation. Asking direct questions—“Did you mean to make me look bad in the meeting?” or “Was it your intention to make the boss think I messed up this project?”—will take your saboteur by surprise and cause him or her to back pedal, recant, or admit to wrongdoing.

When you do a good job, you deserve a reward, not punishment or sabotage. Have you experienced this with a coworker before?

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