My boss hates me: Coping with a surly superior

My boss hates me: Coping with a surly superior

November 11, 2010
My boss hates me: Coping with a surly superior
You're alarm clock beeps, the sun slants through the curtains and you force yourself to stumble out of bed and toward the shower. What are the first thoughts that flit through your mind as you ready for work?

If you and your boss don't see eye-to-eye, dread over heading into the office is not unlikely. If your workdays are filled with snide comments, stressful meetings and worry over your job security, then you're likely to be feeling far from Zen about your career.

But, before you start perusing job sites on your lunch break, make sure that you're not taking things more personally than they're intended, or projecting your own feelings of animosity onto your manager (meaning you don't really like them, so you're convinced they don't like you).

"To protect your job, to have a healthy work environment and to have peace of mind at work, you must try your best to come to a solution on best you can work under a bully boss or see that you do not get bullied by him/her," advises

But, if your bad work environment is bringing negativity to all aspects of your life, consider having an authentic psychic reading to guide you down the right path.

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