So Your Boss Caught You Slacking Off - What Now?

So Your Boss Caught You Slacking Off - What Now?

September 21, 2015
So your boss caught you slacking off - what now?
So your boss caught you slacking off - what now?
You had a few extra minutes of free time on the job, so you took a break to text your friends, browse the internet and snack on some items in the fridge that may or may not have been yours. The problem is, a few minutes turned into a few hours - and suddenly, your boss was standing behind you, demanding to know what you were doing on a silly website. You've been caught red-handed. What now?

To start, don't bother denying anything to your boss. He saw what happened, so don't insult his intelligence by spouting off a bunch of excuses he won't believe. And don't try to argue that everyone else slacks off, too - it won't win you any favors with the boss or with your coworkers. Instead, admit that you were caught blowing off your work, apologize and promise not to let it happen again.

Once you've said you're sorry, it's important that you stick to you word to avoid a similar situation in the future. While it's usually okay to take a few minutes to check out your favorite sports news website or see if you have any new voicemails, always keep your breaks short and sweet - don't get so sucked into your activity that you forget what you're actually on the clock for! Your job is your top priority, so treat it that way.

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