What To Do About Your Sadistic Boss

What To Do About Your Sadistic Boss

July 23, 2018
What do you do if you hate your boss?
What do you do if you hate your boss?
Starting a new job can be tough, but it's much harder if your boss isn't exactly Mr. Nice Guy (or Gal). What do you do when it seems like the man in charge couldn't care less about what happens to you - or worse, seems like he's actively trying to make your life miserable? Should you quit and find a new gig, or should you stick around in case he softens up once he gets to know you?

It's important to remember that your boss isn't your friend - he's your boss. He's there to tell you what to do, make sure you get it done and follow up when you need a little extra help, and not all bosses are nice about this process. Don't expect lots of cooing and sympathy if you can't get your work done. You're being paid to complete a task, and if you don't get it done, it's not wrong for your boss to yell at you. If you think he's giving you more work than you can handle, sit down with him - or, if he's too intimidating, contact human resources - and talk about what a more appropriate workload for you might be.

In some cases, the tough guy persona is just a facade that bosses put on to make sure they can maintain their authority. Behind closed doors, your boss might not be such a bad guy - and once you get to know him, his yelling and screaming might not be so intimidating. In a job market like this, you're lucky to be employed at all - so stick it out as long as you can, and you might find you even grow to like the guy.

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