Zodiac Signs That Make the Most Cheddar
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Zodiac Signs That Make the Most Cheddar

December 09, 2020
Get ready to jet off on a business trip once you make that cheddar.
Get ready to jet off on a business trip once you make that cheddar.

Astrology can give you insight into a great career path — and whether you're primed to earn some serious cheddar! Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and Cancer are typically high-earning signs. If that's you, read on to find out what traits make you super successful. Not a Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, or Cancer? Well, now you know which of your friends to ask for career advice!


Ambitious and determined, Scorpios are natural-born leaders. Okay, sure, maybe Scorpios get described as pushy and demanding sometimes, too. This Zodiac sign is passionate, and Scorpios know how to get a job done when they commit to something. So, it's no wonder Scorpios tend to make it rain!

And it's not just their ... let's call it ambitious nature that sets those Scorpios up for success. They're also honest, practical, and reliable, not to mention methodical and great on teams. These are all traits that lead to workplace success, and by extension, high-paying jobs.


Leos possess plenty of fire, making them natural leaders, too. That said, Leos sometimes crave attention more than money, so they can get complacent once the admiration starts rolling in. But these peeps are charismatic, confident, and plenty optimistic, so they're no strangers to success.

Case in point: Both Madonna and Barack Obama are Leos. In other words, there's nothing a Leo can't do once they get started, and more often than not, they gravitate toward roles that rake in the big bucks. You can check out your horoscope on PathForward to plan how to make your next career moves.


If you're a Taurus (or you love one!), you know this sign craves a comfortable lifestyle. Delicious restaurants? Check. Luxurious clothing? Bigger check. Bubble bath on a weekday morning? Why not! Taureans want that pleasure and comfort, and they'll work hard to get it.

After all, Taurus is also a grounded earth sign, so these folks can figure out practical ways to achieve their goals. In this case, it means keeping their bank account full so they can indulge in the lifestyle they crave. Taureans are also known for being relentless once they believe in their vision, so you can count on a Taurus to keep working hard.


Cancers are known for being protective and kindhearted as well as gifted caregivers. They're interested in materialistic pleasures around the house, so sometimes Cancers tend to marry someone who earns tons of cash rather than earning that money themselves. Cancers who do bring in wealth on their own usually do it in the arts, as they're also very imaginative.

Cancers also like to make strong connections with people in their lives, both in personal and professional realms. As hard workers (who, yeah, can be overly meticulous), Cancers also have the potential to earn a lot if they choose a profession that pays well.

Whether you're one of these signs and looking for some career advice to better leverage your talents or maybe you want to date one of these Zodiac signs (we don't judge!), you can chat with a psychic at PathForward to figure out your best next steps.


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