6 Scary Dreams That Actually Mean Something Good
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6 Scary Dreams That Actually Mean Something Good

August 28, 2020
What do your nightmares really mean?
What do your nightmares really mean?

Waking up from a frightening dream often leaves a person shaking, sweating, and reluctant to fall back to sleep in fear of returning to the dark nightmare. However, not confronting these sleep shockers defies the point. Many scary dreams are actually full of good meanings and intentions, calling you to take action or change something. Here are six dreams that look bad, but mean well.

1. The Fall

Everyone has experienced "The Fall." Whether it's from a building, down a staircase, or off a cliff, the free-fall always stops before you hit the ground. While a sign of anxiety, loss of control, or feeling weighed down, this dream means it's time to free yourself or take the reins of whatever situations sped out of control, whether it be finances, a relationship, or a career. 

2. The Unnoticed Nude

While dreams where you're ridiculed because you're nude point to self-esteem issues, a dream in which your public nudity goes unnoticed by passersby actually has a positive message: those feelings of insecurity or inadequacy about some aspect of yourself are totally unwarranted.   

3. Man vs. Wild

Sometimes a dream will take a real-life threat and turn it into an attacking wild animal. While it may mean a lost leg in your dream, it could mean a giant gain to come. These wild threats increase your awareness and keep you on the lookout for surprises like an upcoming event or occurrence that breeds suspicions or anxiety. Live psychic advice helps pin down what threat spurs these dreams. Once determined, those slithering snakes have you on your toes and help you see the truth lurking under the brush. 

4. Your Dying Day

As morbid as a death dream is, these dreams sometimes represent new life. Think more of a resurrection than a coffin. Seeing your death or imagining it may signify a turning point in your life or welcome changes ahead. 

5. Crying Baby

Though crying babies, fuzzy small animals, and your children out of reach may seem disparate, these dream characters all carry the same meaning much of the time: have some fun! A crying baby might be a pushed-aside creative project or an outright denial of your carefree, more childish side. So take your dream's advice and let loose. Of course, if a dream involving your children seems more premonitory, a real psychic can read your dream more deeply.

6. Robbery

Dreams involving home intruders, stealing, or a shady character with murderous intentions potentially signify a call for re-evaluation of a bad habit. Like the murderer or mugger taking something tangible, a particularly bad habit poses the danger of taking something tangible, including your life, or stepping between you and a loved one. While you don't bear the arms, the dream is a call to arms. 

While there are no exact dream interpretations, a bad dream does often clue you into a more confident approach to life. Next time you wake up in a cold sweat heavy with scary images, tackle that dream and see where it leads you. 

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