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Am I Psychic? How to Develop Psychic Abilities

May 03, 2024 by Psychic Gaia x4273
Almost everyone has some psychic ability. Discover yours!
Almost everyone has some psychic ability. Discover yours!

Have you ever sensed that a friend was about to text message you only seconds before they actually did? Have you ever had a dream that offered guidance for a real-life problem? Have you ever had a gut feeling about a person, a place, or a new opportunity, trusted this feeling, and later discovered that it was true? You may be left wondering, 'Am I psychic?’.

The truth is, we all are. Yet sadly, many of us have had our gifts shut down early in life and are now largely disconnected from our abilities. The fact that you were drawn to this blog post proves you are aware of the spiritual side of life and a desire to develop and deepen your gifts. In this case, the intent alone is enough.

Think back to childhood for a moment. Did you ever communicate with the non-physical? Did you have a strong connection to nature? Were you often labeled to be an old soul? Did you find comfort and peace with animals and trees? Did you take an interest in magical films and books? Children are naturally very connected to the spiritual world. Although there isn't an official psychic test, there is a reconnection process that requires us to return to our inner child, by opening our minds and our hearts back up to the magic and mystery of life. 


Types of Psychic Abilities and Signs to Watch For

There are many different types of psychic abilities. Clairsentience is the psychic ability to receive intuitive impressions via sensing and feeling. If you feel vibes about people and situations, you are probably clairsentient.

Clairvoyance is psychic seeing. You may experience visions or pictures in your mind's eyes. These visions aren't always dramatic. They could be quite subtle. You may see a scene play out in your mind, or you may get specific feelings around a particular image you notice while out in the world. 

Claircognizance is inner knowing or that gut feeling you get about people or places. Some people call these hunches or inner knowing.

Clairaudience deals with psychic hearing. You may hear music or feel strong ideas around different songs or pieces of music.


Strengthen Your Intuition! Here’s How to Develop Psychic Abilities  

Like any other skill, psychic abilities can be strengthened and developed with practice, self-care, and commitment. If you consciously trust and listen to your psychic abilities, you will notice them becoming stronger with time. It can also be helpful to speak regularly with an intuitive or lightworker. This will help you find your confidence, share ideas with a like-minded soul, and speak freely about subjects that may be shunned or misunderstood by those very disconnected from the spiritual side of life.

Over time, you will have a greater understanding of how to develop psychic abilities and will enjoy the many benefits of deepening your gifts. People who take the spiritual world seriously know there is much more to life than what appears on the physical. Here are three ways to get started: 


Starting a Psychic Journal 

Most people receive so many signs and synchronicities all of the time, but they don't take them seriously because they are shut down. A good way to get back in touch is to write down every whisper from the Universe and what you believe it means.

The important thing is not to censor yourself. No one else is going to read your journal but you. Pay attention to any animals you notice, what songs you hear, your initial impressions of people, any repeated numbers or fragrances, or things that continually pop up in your everyday reality. The more you do this, the easier it gets.

Life is constantly communicating with us, and the more we trust our abilities and guidance, the stronger our psychic senses become. It can also help to work with spiritual tools to enhance our gifts. Great tools to take advantage of include crystals, books, tarot cards, oracle decks, or anything that invites you to make your own meanings. 


Working with Dreams to Improve Your Psychic Abilities 

Dreams are an incredible resource for receiving psychic messages and deeper truths from our souls. We dream every single night but often do not take our dreams seriously. Dreams are very light and airy. If we do not write them down immediately upon waking, they often vanish like clouds.

The first thing to remember is to set an intention to take your dreams seriously. Then commit to writing down even the smallest fragment every day. The simple practice will help your dreams become more vivid and helpful. You will begin to interpret their unique meanings and look forward to discovering new messages each night.

Challenge yourself to go deeper into the meanings. Resist the desire to look up the meaning and go within. Ask yourself what you think it means. The more you practice this skill, the easier it will become. 


Take Intuitive Action 

Intuitive guidance is sometimes referred to as pings or pokes — it's your spirit announcing, hey, this is important. To gain confidence for these unique messages, try listening and taking action when spirit advises. For instance, if someone mentions a close friend, text or email them. If your intuition tells you to go to a particular coffee shop, go.

When we trust and follow our own inner compass, life unfolds in the most magical of ways. We gain a deeper appreciation for this psychic GPS, and we begin to trust it more. When we can feel stronger in our own abilities, we will be presented with new opportunities to help others who need our guidance, love, and support. These intuitive pokes are like pop-up psychic tests for strengthening your intuition. 


Final Thoughts 

If 'am I psychic?' is still in question, let's explore it. And if you have questions about the different types of psychic abilities or want to learn how to develop psychic abilities, I have answers! Get connected to me via chat or phone reading or another intuitive Psychic here at PathForward! 



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