Animal Sighting Meanings: Meaning of Seeing a Crow
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Animal Sighting Meanings: Meaning of Seeing a Crow

July 11, 2023 by PathForward
What is that crow trying to tell you?
What is that crow trying to tell you?

You're out for a nice walk in nature when you spot a dark, winged, maybe even spooky figure. You take a closer look and realize it's a crow. Like many animals, crows carry a load of spiritual meanings, but their symbolism goes beyond what you might expect. Here's how to interpret what that mysterious crow you've spotted really means.

What Do Animal Sightings Mean?

Seeing animals out and about — especially if you're running into the same kind of animal again and again — can come with tons of meaning. The type of animal brings different meanings and messages, but all in all, you can consider animal sightings as communications from the spirit world. Just what that insight or guidance is depends on the spirit delivering it and the animal you encounter. That's especially true of crows, birds that are known to deliver messages with a dash of trickery.

So, what is the meaning of seeing a crow? Though these birds have a bit of a spooky reputation, the crow's spiritual meaning is multifaceted and worthy of a deep dive.

What Do Crows Symbolize?

First things first: Yes, crows do sometimes represent death, and yes, a group of crows is called a murder. There's a good reason why crow symbolism is often death related. But crows don't always mean death, so don't jump into a panic the moment you spot one of these dark birds at your window. And when they do bring a message related to death, well, it's complicated.

Crows are considered messengers that exist between both worlds, representing spiritual law and the wisdom that the physical world must integrate. Crows can be a good or bad omen depending on the number of crows you see and the context in which you encounter them. One crow often translates to a bad omen, but two crows mean good luck is on the way. Three crows are a sign that change is on the horizon. Of course, these interpretations aren't universal. Different cultures have unique interpretations of crows and their meanings.

Encountering a crow typically means you're getting a message from the spirit realm. Maybe it's a piece of advice, an omen, or even a warning. You need to take a deep look at what it means for you in your specific circumstances. These birds are intelligent, and they're well-known for trickery.

While the answer may not come quickly, it will be worth it when you do figure out the meaning of your message. Speaking with an intuitive Psychic can help you gain insight into the specific message your crow sighting carries and allow you to take the action the spirit wants you to.

What Does Seeing a Crow Mean?

OK, so you've encountered a crow — or maybe two, three, or more. What are some of the meanings the spirit might be trying to relay? Here are a few possibilities:

Crows and Sacred Law

The message carried by a crow might not be related to death at all. Seeing a crow can be a sign that you need to reflect on sacred laws and your values. Sacred law isn't human or religious law — it's more like intuitively knowing when something is misaligned or not quite right. A crow sighting may indicate that the rules and laws you're following don't align with spiritual or sacred law and that the spirit wants you to practice self-reflection.

Crows and Change

Crows fly with the wind and occasionally predict weather changes, such as rain and tornadoes. This is why crows also symbolize the winds of change. When you see a crow carrying this meaning, you may need to adjust the way you're currently flying — metaphorically, of course.

Crows and Clean Homes

On a lighter note, crows also symbolize clean living spaces. This is because male and female crows build their homes together and then protect them and keep them clean. By meditating on the crow symbolism, you can generate respect for your house and health.

Crows and Communication With the Spiritual Realm

Crows are thought to be intermediaries between the world we inhabit as living, breathing humans and the spirit world. That's why crows tend to be associated with death — they're seen as messengers from the other side.

This traditional belief shows up time and time again across different cultural and religious groups, including Wicca. These birds symbolize the relationship we have with souls who have crossed over, and you can use crow feathers in spells and rituals if you want to reconnect with a lost loved one. Take a photograph of your beloved, surround it with crow feathers during Samhain, and ask the crow to send your thoughts to their realm.

Crows and Death

Crows do sometimes represent death — literally or figuratively. Remember, death isn't always scary. Change often relies on death and the rebirth of something new. While crows may be an omen of death in the literal sense, it's just as likely they're telling you to prepare for change.

What Should You Do if You See a Crow?

An animal will keep a message it brings from the spirit world until you get it. If you're constantly seeing crows, pay attention to upcoming changes, and take a serious look at yourself. If you're in the midst of a problem and start seeing a crow frequently, the spirit might be asking you to consider the issue you're facing through the lens of sacred law. Do some self-reflection, take accountability, and then make a decision keeping these things in mind.

Ready to learn more about crow symbolism and what seeing a crow means for you? Get a reading from an intuitive Psychic Advisor at PathForward today. Seeing a crow doesn't have to be scary. Learn more, and get ready for some self-reflection that can bring the change you need in your life.

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