Are You a Psychic? How to Test and Develop your Powers

Are You a Psychic? How to Test and Develop your Powers

November 15, 2021 by PathForward
Everyone possesses some degree of intuition. The key is knowing how to tap into your power.
Everyone possesses some degree of intuition. The key is knowing how to tap into your power.

Ever found yourself wondering, "Am I psychic? Am I clairvoyant?" Maybe you've observed that your daily experience isn't quite the same as everyone else's thanks to phenomena you just can't explain. Getting Psychic Advice can help you recognize and tap into your own psychic abilities.

Anyone Can Have Psychic Powers!

Chances are, you do possess some degree of intuitive skills. Everyone has psychic abilities, though some are more in tune with gut feelings than others. At its core, "psychic" is more or less interchangeable with "intuitive." Knowingly and unknowingly, everyone has some ability to see, hear, or feel beyond the physical realm. Developing psychic abilities starts with recognizing the signs.

How to Know If You Are Psychic

Think back to your daily experience and you may notice some clear indications of your own psychic ability. Higher sensory abilities can manifest in different ways for different people. Some telltale signs you're psychic include:

  • Experiencing frequent deja vu.
  • Feeling other people's feelings.
  • Having a gut feeling about how things will play out.
  • Having vivid dreams.
  • Getting bad vibes before something bad happens.
  • Knowing certain truths, without knowing how you know.
  • Knowing what others are thinking.
  • Picking up on energies (as in, knowing that person you've met for a split second is "off").
  • Seeing auras or energy.
  • Seeing, feeling, or hearing spirits or angels.

You can also do a few simple things to test your psychic ability, such as:

  • Guessing the outcome of a coin flip.
  • Knowing what card will be pulled next from a deck.
  • Having someone write a number so you can guess it.

If all your psychic test guesses seem strangely on point, well, guess what? You may very well possess psychic abilities.

How to Develop Psychic Abilities

You can jump-start your psychic development by opening yourself up to the possibility of your skills. Often, folks find these natural capabilities scary. Be willing to tap into otherworldly abilities and declare to the universe that you're ready to explore your gifts.

Then, lean into your psychic training by practicing reading other people's energy. You can interpret new people's energy by tuning into your thoughts when you're in someone's presence before you actually interact. You can also actively call on spirit guides for support to test out your abilities. Ask for a specific sign and see if you get a response.

Another clairvoyance test and development opportunity could be predicting how places will look. If you're going to a place for the first time, close your eyes, declare you want to see the spot, and draw what comes up in your mind before you go. Compare your drawing with reality and see how close you got.

No matter where you think you are on the psychic abilities scale, you can further develop your powers by working with an intuitive, experienced Psychic. Connect with a PathForward Psychic Advisor today to get started.


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