Best Crystals for Protection

Best Crystals for Protection

November 03, 2021 by Psychic Beau x4221
Crystals can be powerful wards against dark and negative energy!
Crystals can be powerful wards against dark and negative energy!

Energetic cleansing, warding off, and protecting against negative spiritual energy is quite a job for any metaphysical tool! This article focuses on one such tool that called to me when I began my professional work as a Psychic Medium— healing crystals. With so many crystals available, it is important to listen to your intuition in deciding which will work best for you. Here, we'll be focusing on the characteristics of three such stones in particular. We'll also be looking at ways to cleanse and use healing crystals to purify your energetic personal and physical space.


First off, and the first rock that landed itself in my pocket as a young boy was the Amethyst. Amethyst has got to be my all-time favorite crystal not just because of its beautiful color and structure but also because it is an all-around powerhouse stone. Amethyst is best known for purification, support, and raising vibrations. Its many benefits include vibrating at a high frequency (which offers spiritual protection against negative energy), awakening higher consciousness, and, of course, purifying, in the following ways: it clears your auric field (your combined physical and spiritual energy); supports you in being clear-headed and staying on track (for example, if you are instituting new habits like avoiding or quitting smoking or drinking); and helps you to see, and become, the best version of yourself.

Black Tourmaline

The second is Black Tourmaline and is best known for clearing and protecting the aura from negative influences. Black Tourmaline is a beautiful, deep, dark striated crystal very effective at clearing out the negative patterns, habits, thoughts, and emotions that can build up in both your auric field and environment and effectively clearing electromagnetic energy and offering protection. It is handy in banishing negative thoughts, anxiety, and pessimism and frees up your energy field to flow more positively. Additionally, it is a powerful grounding stone that helps move you 'out of your head' and helps you feel more grounded in this earthly realm and within your own body.


Lastly, Selenite, best known for clearing and purification, is one of the most versatile crystals (second only to quartz) and is my go-to for clearing negative or 'stuck' energy from your aura and space. It also helps balance and harmonize energies and is ideal for use with other crystals to help amplify their properties. I, therefore, really enjoy combining it with Amethyst and Black Tourmaline for cleansing purposes.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Before using your intuitively gathered crystal collection to purify your energetic field and personal space, it is critical to cleanse them!  You can use a variety of ways to do this, including smoke, salt, and Selenite. While running water is also an effective method, I don't often advocate water use as there are several crystals (usually soft and/or brittle ones like Selenite and kyanite) that can be damaged or destroyed if exposed to water.  You can use incense, wood, herb bundles, and so on to smoke cleanse your crystals. Light your plant material and gently blow on the stick or bundle to create smoke that you can use to waft around the crystal. A feather fan can be especially useful for this purpose.

Black salt is also a viable option for cleansing because it usually contains charcoal or lava, both highly absorbent and easily draw any old energies from your crystals. Place the salt in a bowl or container and place your crystals in the salt - it is best to cover the crystal(s) if you can. Let the crystals sit for a time: overnight is excellent, but an hour or two works fine too, and then remove the crystals and throw away the salt. (Don't be tempted to re-use it, it has just absorbed the energy you don't want, so it is best to discard it).

Selenite, with its myriad of energetic healing traits, is also a crystal clearer! Selenite can clear any crystal simply by placing it/them on top of a piece of Selenite (a flat wand or plate works best), and it does not need to be cleansed or charged itself. Simple and effective!

Before you begin, center yourself and set your intention. It may be something simple like 'I ask for assistance in allowing the highest vibration of love and light to purify and recharge these crystals and release any old, outdated, and unwanted energies and previous programming. I like to combine an auric cleanse with an environmental one to ensure that the entire field around you is clean and clear once you are done. If you can wait until a sunny day, open your windows and allow sunlight and fresh air to come into your space. Gather your crystals and hold them in your hands, take three deep breaths, and set your intention by asking the crystals to help clear and refresh your auric and environmental energies.

Move your hands (still holding your crystals) over your front, back, and both sides of your body and ask that the crystals help uplift your vibrations and cleanse your aura and your space. For example, you could say: "I ask for assistance in allowing the highest vibration of love and light to purify and cleanse my auric field and space, to release any unwanted energies, and to allow refreshed energy to flow."

Cleansing Your Energy with Crystals

Take a seated position and place your crystals on your lap, or lie down with the crystals on your chest (best if the ends of each crystal are pointing up to your crown and down to your feet. Spend about ten minutes visualizing the crystal energy washing over your body, out through your auric field, and spreading out across your entire space. I find it most effective to imagine the old energies as smoke departing from my body and my space (rather than holding any particular images in mind that may bind those energies to you even more firmly).

When finished, thank your crystals for their assistance and then cleanse them of the old energies that they have absorbed. Burning incense, a herb bundle, or a candle can be a peaceful way to conclude your cleanse. If the rocks in your pocket need a little 'pick me up,' during the next full moonlight, intentionally place your stones in the most favorable location in your space that will allow them to bask in the ever so infinitely beautifully powerful feminine power that is our moon!!

Are you interested in the power of crystals? Give me a call or connect with one of our Psychics. We'd be happy to dive deeper into this subject and more!

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