Best Crystals for Sleep and Dreams
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Best Crystals for Sleep and Dreams

November 01, 2021 by PathForward
Grab your crystals for a rejuvenating sleep session.
Grab your crystals for a rejuvenating sleep session.

Crystals are a lot more than pretty, sparkly decorations for your space. Vibrating at their own, unique frequency, each crystal emits a powerful harmony that can help you find calm and balance in different aspects of your life  — including your sleep.

How Can You Use Crystals for Sleep and Dreams?

Place the right crystals around you and you'll feel the effects, both during waking hours and while you're asleep. That's right! Crystals aren't just for daytime rituals. If you're stressing out about how long it takes you to fall asleep every night — or, dare we say, scrolling through this article at 4 a.m. because the zzz's just won't come — the right crystal could provide the cure.

You'll find crystals for good dreams and crystals for bad dreams, so whatever sleep state you're trying to achieve, chances are, there's a crystal out there waiting for you. Searching for crystals for lucid dreaming? Yep, there's a crystal for that, too. Crystals can help you get the deep, unbroken sleep you need to really remember your dreams in the a.m.

What's the Connection Between Stress and Sleep?

Before diving into the ideal crystals for your sleep needs, it's important to get a handle on how your waking hours can impact your sleep. Listen, if you find it tough to get to sleep, or you can fall asleep but then tend to jolt awake in the middle of every ... single ... night, you're not alone. From work to family life to technology keeping us awake, there are plenty of reasons we're all super stressed and unable to get the rest we need these days.

Modern life is pretty much synonymous with stress, chaos, and instability. Humans are energetic beings, for better or worse, greatly affected by everything around us. In other words, daily stress and reactions to triggers, including physical, emotional, and mental triggers, can easily upset our balance. People are generally all over the map on a molecular level, and that can really impact our nighttime habits.

That's where crystals come in. These pretty little helpers can assist with sleep, boosting natural sleep cycles and helping you stay asleep once you're in that cozy mode. Oh, and crystals help you relax while calming your mind, even intensifying your dreams while they're at it. Different crystals can influence your sleep, help you get into that REM state, and help you better recall your dreams.

5 of the Best Crystals for Sleep and Dreams

If you're now thinking, "hand me those crystals, ASAP!" we've got you covered. You can speak with a Psychic for personalized advice about the right crystal for your unique needs. Here are five of the best crystals for dreaming and sleeping to start you off:

Rose Quartz

This soothing stone of love will become a star of your crystal collection. Rose quartz helps you relax. It comforts and heals while balancing the heart chakra, intensifying feelings of forgiveness and compassion — the exact soothing energy you want to bring to bed with you each evening. The de-stress standout stone is gentle, peaceful, and healing, promoting respect and self-love. If you can't sleep because you're constantly dwelling on thoughts, rose quartz is for you. Love life issues? Rose quartz helps you put them to the side too, so you can drift off to sleep and wake up recharged.


The ability to calm mood swings and anxious thoughts puts lepidolite on the list of crystals that encourage sleep by delivering a soothing, stabilizing energy. A soothed soul is essential to a good night's rest, after all. Lepidolite is also a standout if you're searching for crystals for good dreams. This dream stone crystal can help you get rid of blockages and overcome your self-defeating habits. That, in turn, can stimulate psychological and emotional healing, opening you up to the power of dreams.


If you're just getting started with dream work, you'll want to reach for amethyst. The popular crystal is well-known for how it stimulates the third eye chakra, which offers a connection to the spiritual realm. Amethysts have great vibrations for regulating dreams, so it's one of the top crystals for lucid dreaming.

Even if you're not looking for crystals for dream recall, you'll want to check out amethyst. This purple stone naturally relaxes muscles and cuts down on anxiety and stress. In addition to building a connection to the spiritual realm and strengthening your intuition, amethyst can all in all help you create that calm you need to get your rejuvenating night of sleep.


Are you waking up constantly to check your texts or Instagram? Experiencing TikTok nightmares and Twitter terrors? You need shungite in your life. Shungite blocks the bad vibes your tech can often bring into your space. You'll def want to keep it close at hand if you have your devices in your bedroom with you.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli's power to stimulate mental expansion and clarity makes it a powerful tool for dream work. The stone gets you to spiritual awareness, supporting your intuitive abilities and connecting you with the higher frequencies that expand your consciousness. Lapis lazuli gives you a conduit to self-awareness, so tuck it under your pillow to find dreams that have real meaning.

How to Use Crystals for Sleep and Dreams

Crystals that vibrate at the right wavelength to restore a peaceful night's sleep are out there. Once you find a crystal with the right qualities for your unique sleep needs, you'll want to keep it close as you drift off to dreamland. So, tuck a crystal under your pillow or next to you, or place it on the table beside your bed. If you want help feeling drowsy before sleep, hold your crystal in and turn it over, visualizing that energy transferring to you. Then embrace those tranquil vibes as you slip into sleep.

Ready to find the perfect crystal for your sleep goals? Speak with a PathForward Psychic Advisor to discover your dream crystal for dreaming!


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