Do Celebrities Serve a Real Purpose in Society?
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Do Celebrities Serve a Real Purpose in Society?

August 28, 2020
Believe it or not, there are real benefits to society from having celebrities.
Believe it or not, there are real benefits to society from having celebrities.

Tom Cruise's latest breakup, Oprah Winfrey's birthday, all the kids Angelina Jolie adopts, and whether or not Jennifer Aniston will ever settle down and have children ... all fascinate us. We read about them, watch shows about their lives, and talk about them incessantly. But do celebrities serve a real, meaningful purpose in society? Turns out they do! 

Celebrities Give Us a Taste of How the Other Side Lives 

You're not likely going to ever drive a Lamborghini, or own a swimming pool in the shape of a grand piano, or have a birthday bash that costs $500,000. But you can enjoy all of these vicariously through reality TV shows and People magazine. Celebrities give us a glimpse of how the other side lives, which gives us a charge. For just a few moments, you can picture what it's like to cruise Hollywood Blvd in a red Ferrari or relax in a hot tub full of gorgeous people. Want to know if the real lifestyle of the rich and famous is in your future? Get an online psychic reading

Celebrities Distract Us From Our Everyday Lives 

Life for the working class gets monotonous, and often depressing. The entertainment celebrities produce in the form of music, movies, and TV shows may not solve our everyday problems, but it does give us something to look forward to during those times we aren't working. How awful would life be if we couldn't relax to the laughter of The Office or pretend to fight zombies with The Walking Dead or sing along with Katy Perry on the way home from work? Entertainment is one of life's spices. If you're having struggles that your favorite TV shows and music can't distract you from, you might need a pep talk from a live psychic. 

Celebrities Give Us Something in Common to Talk About 

Chit-chat at work or in church or at parent's night at school would be difficult if we didn't all know the same celebrities. You don't have to know their kids or what they do for a living, because you can always start a conversation about the latest movie or TV show. In social situations, having celebrities to draw from for shared experiences allows us to open up and meet new people without getting too personal at first. 

Celebrities Can Help Spread Important Messages 

Brooke Shields helped thousands of new mothers through postpartum depression. When a celebrity faces a personal battle or obstacle and comes forward about it in magazine articles and talk shows, people can learn from their experiences. Even bad experiences, such as the woes of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, can serve to help young people avoid the perils of drugs and alcohol. Valerie Harper went public with her fight against brain cancer, and has encouraged people everywhere to make the most out of their lives because of her struggles. These messages go further than when spoken by everyday people. 

Celebrities Can Always Serve as a Bad Example 

If all else fails, celebrities can always be an example of what not to do. Young girls can easily see the folly in Miley Cyrus' shenanigans; young boys can see the stupidity of Justin Bieber driving drunk and taking illegal drugs, and everyone can see the dangers of cult involvement through Tom Cruise's two divorces. Sometimes a bad example helps good people avoid trouble. 

Who is your favorite celebrity? What does this person add to your life? 

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