Feel the Vibe: 4 Ways to Decipher Positive and Negative Energy in Strangers

Feel the Vibe: 4 Ways to Decipher Positive and Negative Energy in Strangers

January 05, 2018
Learn to understand the energies of those around you
Learn to understand the energies of those around you

Have you ever gotten a negative feeling about what someone was saying to you? Have you met someone and instantly felt that they were the perfect person to have in your life? As you’re going through life, it’s important to be able to distinguish between the positive and negative energies that people give off.

Read Auras

While reading auras is not something that everyone is able to immediately do, it is something that you can do with practice, patience, and the right talents. Many psychics are able to read auras, and they find it beneficial in learning more about a person. When reading an aura, you are seeing and sensing the chakras of the body. This gives you better insight into the person you are dealing with. When you read an aura you are able to see if the person in generally positive or negative, their overall feelings, and you may even get other impressions of them.

Relax and Feel

One of the most important, yet easy, ways you can go about sensing the energies in strangers is to simply relax and feel what they are giving off. While many people are able to sweet talk their way into your life, if you simply take some time to try to feel their energy, you’re going to get to the bottom of some of the things that may have not made sense to you before. Take a few deep breaths, and allow yourself to really feel what type of vibe the other person is giving off.

Trust Your Instincts

Live psychics and others who deal with reading energy have to learn to trust what they feel. This is crucial to making sure that you’re reading someone properly. If you get a negative vibe about them at first, don’t just brush it off as a weird feeling. Take the time to process what you felt and acknowledge it. This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid everyone who gives you a strange feeling right off the bat, but it does mean that you should use caution when around people who don't give you positive energy.

Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy

If you don’t keep yourself healthy in all ways, you’re going to have a much more difficult time processing what other people are giving off. Make sure that you do what you can to keep your body and mind healthy. This will allow you to be open to the energies of others. Sensing positive vibes from strangers is much easier when you’re not worried about how you feel or negativity within yourself. When you give off positive energies, you’re more likely to pick up on both the positive and negative from those around you.

Understanding the energy of the people around you helps you decipher who is a good fit in your life. If you only want to surround yourself with positive people, make sure that you take the time to learn to read strangers, as well as those you know.

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