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Uncover the Future with a Free Tarot Card Reading

July 11, 2022 by PathForward

Free Three-Card Tarot Reading


Let’s face it – the world is a confusing place these days, and we could all use a little more guidance. Whether you’re high-key stressed about work or preoccupied with the amour that ghosted you, a bit of sage advice is in order. With a tarot reading, you can get essential insights that will help you elevate your vibe and slay the next challenge.

Though the cards can’t always deliver clear-cut predictions, they can point you toward the cause of conflict, the lesson of greatest importance, and the path to peace and resolution. This interactive tarot reading gives you an intriguing starting point for your journey.

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This spread can get you started, but it will only scratch the surface of what you can learn from tarot. Go for a deep dive and reveal all that the universe has to show you with a live psychic reading. You can get a personalized pick of tarot spreads and the intuitive hands of a skilled reader to deliver the deets you’re really looking for.

Why Tarot?

Tarot is a classic. It's the OG of psychic wisdom revealing a wealth of info about your life’s journey. From people to places to things, the tarot can open the door of possibilities and outcomes. The tarot deck has 78 cards divided by the major and minor arcana. When a card gets pulled in a reading, the imagery and intuitive insight received represents a part of your story. By decoding the messages revealed in the cards, professional tarot readers can dive into the depths of your past, present, and future or your current focus or concern to provide clarity, foresight, and advice to move you forward. And while there's nothing quite like a live tarot reading by a professional Psychic, you can try a reading yourself with our free online tarot reading.


3 Card Tarot Spreads; A Great Starting Place for Newbies

You can explore hundreds of tarot spreads, but let's keep it simple. Our free tarot reading three card spread is perfect for both seasoned and novice readers alike! In fact, many of PathForward's professional Tarot Readers turn to three card spreads for direct question and answer readings. Pulling three tarot cards is a straightforward approach to get the focused answers you seek. The sky's the limit with what you can ask the cards. Curious about your love life? Want to know if a new job is coming? With our free three card tarot reading, you can focus on any life area and receive info to move you forward. You can also go back in time and learn how your past has impacted today. A three card spread is a great way to sharpen your psychic skills if you're a novice reader. For those seeking to enhance or interested in exploring their intuitive abilities or would just like to learn about each card and its meaning, this free tarot reading online is perfect for leveling up your psychic senses. And if you're really feeling confident, you can try this free tarot reading on a close friend or family member. To get you started we’ve selected three free tarot reading three card spreads for you to try:


Past-Present-Future Tarot Spread

Do you think your past is playing a role in your current situation? You'd be surprised how the choices or paths you've taken from the past impact your now. With our free three-card tarot reading, you can explore your life with a Past-Present-Future reading. By understanding your past, you can learn why people, places, or things are prominent in your current situation and how that'll impact your future. You can also use this information to switch gears and take a new path leading to a more desirable outcome. This free tarot reading can also help you heal. Are you dealing with heartbreak? Still hung up on your ex? A Past-Present-Future reading can help you find closure, acceptance, and healing of past trauma so you can open up to new energy and opportunity. Life is all about crossroads. So often, we're presented with paths that either lead us or derail us to our life's purpose. If you feel like you've been moving in the wrong direction, the cards can help you see things more clearly. By looking at the tarot card's imagery and taking in the intuitive messages you receive from this free online tarot reading, you can understand what went wrong and how you can make a positive change for your future. 


Context-Focus-Outcome Tarot Spread

Are you going through something challenging? Our Context-Focus-Outcome free three card tarot reading is like an intuitive GPS navigating you to a better outcome. If you're unsure how to handle your current situation, this spread will reveal what area to focus on and how your actions will impact your future. Life is complicated enough between work, kids, home, relationships, etc. And trying to do the right thing while keeping your life together can feel overwhelming. This free tarot reading can help you put things into perspective and reveal the root cause of the problem and what you can do to make it better. When selecting your free three card tarot reading cards, focus deeply on the context of your situation. The first card you pull will represent your concern. Take in the imagery, the caption of the card, and its significance to your personal issue. The second card shows you the most important area to focus on. What words come to mind when you look at this card? For instance, if you're going through a love crisis, maybe the words communication or trust will be brought to your attention. Focusing on the advice received from the second card in your free tarot reading, you can see how your outcome will play out if you follow your intuition.


Situation-Obstacle-Advice Tarot Spread

Are you feeling a little lost or just straight-up confused? Let our free three card tarot reading be your guide! Choosing the Situation-Obstacle-Advice three card spread can help you define what's taking the reins on your path, identify roadblocks, and advise conquering challenging obstacles. Plus, this free tarot reading online is an excellent teacher of wisdom motivating inner growth. If you're moving non-stop but feel like you're not getting anywhere, something is likely holding you back. This spread will illuminate your situation. For example, if you're feeling unmotivated, this spread can reveal the root cause of your emotions. Perhaps a person's toxicity is draining your energy, or you have been making not-so-great financial decisions. Take your time with this free three card tarot reading. Stare at imagery, read the captions, and let your intuition deliver deeper meaning to the message. Many Psychics here at PathForward use the Situation-Obstacle-Advice spread for customers dealing with insecurity or seeking a clear course of action. Your results from this free tarot reading online should be shared with a Psychic, especially for those ready for new beginnings. A trusted Tarot Reader will confirm the messages you received and provide additional advice for overcoming such obstacles.


You don't have to be a professional Psychic to read your own tarot cards. You can DIY with our free tarot reading! With the free tarot reading three card spreads outlined above, you can begin your tarot journey, build up your skills, and strengthen your spirituality. If you feel like something is holding you back, you have the power to take control of your life! From love to career to money and relationships, using tarot as your guide, you can open so many rewarding possibilities for yourself. And if you have any questions along the way, our professional Tarot Readers are ready to connect and confirm your results from this free tarot reading!


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