Mediumship and Receiving Love from the Other Side
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Mediumship and Receiving Love from the Other Side

October 22, 2021 by Psychic Halo x4168
Those we love are never truly lost, if we but learn to listen for their messages.
Those we love are never truly lost, if we but learn to listen for their messages.

Mediumship is a way to gain access to heaven. A medium can perceive messages, personalities, and energy of deceased loved ones. Every time a loved one comes through, they do so because they have love for the living. It is this love that manifests communication from the other side. There are a variety of ways spirits communicate their love. You may have heard of the five love languages when it comes to human relationships. There are also love languages when it comes to spirit interactions.  

Here are six ways a spirit expresses their love language:  

  1. Spiritual Sounds 

Music is a common way spirits will show you they love you and are still around. You might hear it in your mind on a loop or listen to it externally on the radio, phone, or someone else blasting music in the car, etc. The song itself can remind you of them because you sang it with them, or it was their fav song, or you have a memory that centers around the song. Additional signs may include: 

  • The words in the song might be the message. 
  • The musical genre is their favorite. 
  • The singer of the song has the same name as them, which can trigger memories. 

Another experience is a song that seems to stalk you. It will play every time you turn on the radio, or you'll hear others singing it or hear it playing. Also, you may hear their voice or experience clear hearing - this is called Clairaudience. You could receive a message that reminds you of their love, guidance that helps you make a decision or clarifies something, as well as a warning that protects you from harm. 

  1. Quality Companionship 

Spirits will hang around their living loved ones. They're expressing their love through quality time. Once passing, they become spiritual companions that visit you on and off throughout your life. You might get goosebumps or feel them around - quality over quantity. Spirits won't be around every single moment for the rest of your life. One of the main things I hear from callers is that they don't FEEL their loved ones. Rest assured that they are still connected to you. Think of a security feed such as Ring Doorbell, where the camera records your porch. Do you watch the feed all day, every day? No. Just the same, your loved ones don't watch you incessantly. Ask them to help you feel them around you more, and make sure to have quiet time in meditation and prayer so that you can pick up better on their energy. In readings, I will often hear spirits say they were at the wedding, they went on the trip with you, or were with you as you looked through pictures and when you talk to them. The more you engage the other side, the more you'll feel them. 

  1. Spirit Sight 

A bit more uncommon, but this is when a spirit materializes in front of you. More often, a child or baby will see the spirit. Seeing them well and happy can be the medicine for a grieving heart. Most often, spirit will show you themselves in dreams. If you haven't dreamed of your loved one yet, don't fret. Simply ask them to come through before sleeping, and as you lay in bed, reminisce on fond memories and intend to see your loved one in a dream. Once you wake, don't move. Reflect on the dream and record it. If you still don't get a dream visitation, it might just not be your loved ones' preferred way of communicating. 

  1. Touch 

Not receiving touch through a hug, hand-holding, or embrace are sometimes the hardest things to accept once your loved one passes on. However, some spirits can come through by a brush of your hair, a tap on your body, or a caress on your face. They may hold your hand or hug you in a dream, meditation, or entirely out of the blue. Some think this would be scary. But it's not. It's delicate and often mistaken for a bug or walking into a spider's web. Just the same, the spirit world knows how important touch is and will do it at times. Physical mediumship is the process of creating an environment where the vibration is high enough for the spirit to be felt. There are only a few practicing this form of mediumship, but many report having undeniable proof from their first-hand experience of the spiritual presence being there. 

  1. Receiving Gifts 

Finding random things that make you think of your deceased loved ones is the spiritual world displaying love. You might find coins, rock messages, or jewelry. You could also win a prize, or be gifted something, etc. While these might not be expensive gifts, they are priceless artifacts that convey how much you are loved. You can specifically ask a loved one for a particular gift and for it to come to you in such a way that you know it's from them. Be patient and observant. The gift will arrive in the way the spirit is able to do. There are limits in our natural world, but love transcends all. So, you will receive a gift at some time in some way.  

  1. Acts Of Service 

Many spirits want to help you develop your connection to the other side. They want you to strengthen it so that you trust in the connection. They will also help you manifest. Don't be demanding when you ask, be loving. There are too many ways that spirits can be of service to list. Just know that they know you well and will put in motion things that serve your highest good. Acts of service are my main love language, and I am continually amazed by all the magical ways the spiritual world conspires for my and everyone's success. 

Remember, love is meant to be mutual. If you express your love to the spirit world, it will express back. Are you interested in talking to a Medium about a loved one who passed on? Get a reading and see what messages may be waiting for you from the other side. 


Psychic Halo x4168
Psychic Halo is an intuitive life-guide with over 12 years of experience serving hundreds of clients. Halo is skilled in Mediumship, energy healing, and Tarot and is the voice of PathForward’s Guided Meditation Podcast, “The Mindful Path.” Psychic Halo x4168
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