A Tarot Readers Journey into Tarot and Angel Cards
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My Winding Path with Tarot and Angel Cards

January 12, 2022 by Psychic Christine x4063
A little tarot inspiration coming right up!
A little tarot inspiration coming right up!

Are you curious or intimidated by tarot? Once you understand how to use them, there is mighty power and insight woven into these cards. Tarot is wisdom from the Divine. The question is, can you understand the language? My path to tarot was daunting and full of extreme ups and downs at the start. I am a sensitive soul— and this pushed me over the edge. Today, I use tarot with ease. The key for me is finding a deck I connect with.

My Journey into Tarot

Long ago, the idea of using Tarot Cards was not appealing to me at all. I heard stories and saw unpleasant words or imagery but had no real experience or training. The thought of the 'Death' Card, alone, was unfriendly. The mystery and secrecy surrounding the tarot was a pushback for me. On the other hand, I was very comfortable using Oracle and Angel cards for guidance. That was my comfort and familiar zone. To leap from Angel Cards directly to Rider Waite Tarot was too big a leap for me. So, I paused, ignored, and used other tools until a new opportunity presented itself. And this is one I could not ignore.

The next step on my learning path was a big leap for me. I was given an opportunity to connect, in person, with like-minded souls on topics where I yearned to deepen my learning. Yet, I knew no one in this group. My concern was that I would feel awkward and out of place. I kept being called to appear, but I was resistant each time. I decided to show when the night's topic was Angel Tarot Cards. I truly felt that the angels gave me a clear sign of encouragement. It combined my familiar topic of Angels for guidance with tarot. And with this 'bridge,' I had the literal drive to appear. I took a couple of deep breaths, meditated, walked in nature, and checked with my psychic. I finally said to myself that I would not return if this were not a good fit for me. Whew! To my surprise, I felt at ease very quickly. I connected with the leader and the others in attendance who were talented in their own areas of skill and talent. Reflecting on that time, I was truly blessed to connect with a variety of very talented and amazing contacts and mentors to support me on my path. This was the start of a time of another great expansion in my spiritual life, and for that, I will always be deeply grateful.

Tarot History

The Art of Tarot has supported an immeasurable number of people's lives throughout the ages. This divination tool is like consulting with a wise family member or mentor. Tarot has been well-respected for a very long time for its ability to provide detailed and accurate readings. The Rider Waite Deck is the best known and has been around since 1909. In ancient civilizations, the magical information for tarot was shrouded in secrecy - guarded and protected - only 'special' people could navigate these cards with success. Now, there are a wide variety of decks for tarot. Choose one that calls to you, both with the deck's appearance and energy. My education around Angel Tarot brought me a sense of ease with a topic that I never had a solid foundation on. With Angel Tarot, I was introduced to this topic through training and tools that are gentle, safe, and reliable. I love the Angel Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue. The card's integrity is maintained yet presented in a positive and life-affirming way rather than a place of fear, which is often the technique of traditional tarot.

Using Your Angel Tarot Cards

Tarot Decks are traditionally 78 cards, separated into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The term Arcana is defined as a deep and profound mystery or secret. The Major Arcana is made up of 22 cards that reflect major life events and turning points in your life. (Examples include: career changes, marriage, pregnancy, relationships, and personal milestones.) It also reflects the different life stages from childhood into older and wiser living. The Minor Arcana reflects more everyday life events divided into four suits or elements: fire, water, air, and earth. The minor arcana cards are numbered 1 (ace) - 10, plus the court cards of Page (11), Knight (12), Queen (13), and King (14) for each suit.

Many people prefer to read with the entire Tarot deck as one, and others like to use the Major and Minor as separate decks for readings. Each Major Arcana is represented by one of the 15 primary archangels, and these archangels provide protection and clear guidance as you travel your spiritual path. The major arcana cards can be mixed with other angel oracle decks to deepen your readings and experience with further details.

With the Minor Arcana, you will find four suits. Earth elements are depicted as Fairies, Air as Unicorns, Water with Mermaids, and Fire with friendly Dragons. Court Cards depict a situation or a person during a reading. When the reading shows another person in your life (such as a lover), Pages and Queens represent females or feminine men; and Knights and Kings represent males or masculine women.

Individual Tarot Cards and multi-card readings can go in many directions. Read and study your guidebook that accompanies your deck and follow your intuition and guidance. Also, trust your feelings with each reading. The angels are here to support you. Reach out to them from within, and listen with your heart to their guidance. In addition, make sure that you honor any feelings and emotions you experience during (or after) your reading. You may find deep meaning in the imagery and the words or described protocol for the card.

I benefit from a series of ongoing in-person and online tarot training series with the Angel Tarot deck, gaining certification, and working with a variety of other decks. The combined effort of one-on-one experience with my mentors, training courses, and following the guidance that comes with the deck boosted my confidence and knowledge. I also invested in a book, 'The Big Book of Angel Tarot' by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, to deepen my understanding of the Symbols and Spreads to facilitate deeper and more accurate readings. With time, you may evolve into multi-card reading and do readings for others if you desire.

Follow Your Path

We are all unique in this journey. Follow your guided path and find your way to discover numerous truths in your life through the discernment of Angel Tarot or another Tarot deck that speaks to you at a rich level. This diverse and often misunderstood tool takes time and effort to master. The ultimate goal of tarot is to enhance your clarity, broaden your perspectives, and help you be happier and at peace. Reach out to one of our seasoned Tarot Masters for guidance with a tarot reading or for support along your tarot learning journey.


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