Numerology Guide: Angel Number 1010
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Numerology Guide: Angel Number 1010

September 20, 2023 by Psychic Dominique x4278
Learn the spiritual and numerological meaning of the number 1010.
Learn the spiritual and numerological meaning of the number 1010.

When you hear or see the number 10, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Is it the 10-day weather forecast? Is it October, the tenth month? Is it the tenth house in the zodiac wheel or the tenth zodiac sign, Capricorn? Is it the fact that 10 is the first double-digit or that most of us are born with ten fingers and ten toes? Or have you been seeing the number 10, or even better, angel number 1010, and wondered what it means? Either way, you’ve come across the right blog post. Keep reading...


I Keep Seeing 1010, But What Does It Mean?

There are many ways to answer this question, so let us dive deeper into the basic meanings that were previously mentioned. As the first double-digit number, the number 10 symbolizes a transition to a new status that cooperates with its meaning as the tenth house in the zodiac wheel, representing reputation and social status. The number 10 also indicates a new beginning brought to you by divine change, a spiritual awakening, a new connection, or a full-circle moment. So when you see angel number 1010, which combines the number 10 with the number 2, a number representative of divine unions including one of the flesh and spirit as well as possessing divine duality, the 1010 spiritual meaning is that you are on the verge of or going through a personal shift. A shift that allows you to embrace new connections and perspectives while pulling you away from what no longer serves you. This change can and will feel intense, but it is necessary to move forward, and that’s what the 1010 spiritual meaning truly embodies at the end of the day. It is a sign that you are leveling up.


What Is The Angel Number 1010 Meaning In Love?

If you are single, the 1010 meaning in love is that you will soon be united with an anointed love that mirrors your own. If you are in a relationship, it is a divine reminder that your partner reflects you like the Justin Timberlake lyric, “It’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me.” Did you get a tarot reading where two 10 cards came out regarding your love life? The Ten of Pentacles card upright represents richness and stability, while the reverse depicts the dark side of such richness and financial failure or loss. The Ten of Cups card upright confirms that the relationship is a divine union, but reversed, it shows a disconnect and confirms that the relationship is struggling. The Ten of Wands card upright speaks to the extra energy and responsibility you put into the relationship. When it is reversed, it shows that you will release that burden so you don’t have to feel like you’re doing all the hard work by yourself. The Ten of Swords card upright alerts you of loss and deep wounds, while the reverse symbolizes the road to recovery.


If I Keep Seeing 1010, What Does It Mean For My Future?

As Sam Cooke sang, "A change gon’ come," and the change is leading you to your destiny. The biggest thing to remember about the meaning of seeing 1010 is that you will experience personal growth that elevates you to a new level in your life, or you have already begun the journey of experiencing this personal advancement. Something else to remember, especially regarding the predictive meaning of seeing 1010, is that your participation is required. For example, if you have found yourself complaining about a relationship or situation in your life, seeing 1010 tells you that you must mirror the change you want to see. Instead of just hoping for change or trying to speak it into existence, seeing 1010 is a sign that you need to become or embody the change you want to see. Another thing to remember about the change that is being predicted for you if you keep seeing 1010 is that a divine union is ahead, so you can be sure to prepare yourself for an abundance of blessings, including a twin flame relationship or personal and spiritual increase.


I Keep Seeing 1010 Everywhere!

If you keep noticing 1010 on a clock or timer, you already know this blog post applies to you. But what if you have not seen it on a clock or a timer? Where else would you have seen angel number 1010 to notice or believe it may be significant? How about as an address? If, through your travels, you have caught yourself surrounded by addresses that say 1010 or have 1010 in them (like 21010 or 10107, and yes, that includes zip codes), then this applies to you. If you love to read reviews of your favorite movies or television shows and have had the pleasure of them being positive reviews, you may have noticed 10/10 as a rating of 10 out of 10 stars. Yes, that counts! If you are an October baby born on the 10th, or 10/10, you may be used to seeing 1010 in general when writing your birthdate. If you were born at 10:10 in the morning or evening, or even if you were born in 2010, I hope you and your family celebrate that divinely guided synchronicity every time you get a chance! 


Are you one of the lucky Libras born on 10/10? Were you born at 10:10 in general? Is it 10:10 right now as you are reading this article? Do you have a 1010 address or live in a zip code with the angel number 1010? Let us know how the meanings resonate with you in the comment section! Don’t forget to rate this blog post! If you still have questions about what seeing angel number 1010 means for you specifically, please contact me or another Expert Astrologer here at PathForward to find out. We are more than happy to help!

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