On Processing Grief with a Psychic Medium

On Processing Grief with a Psychic Medium

November 24, 2021 by Psychic Halo x4168
While mediumship is not a cure for grief, it can bring peace, clarity, and healing
While mediumship is not a cure for grief, it can bring peace, clarity, and healing

Every person will experience loss in their life, yet each will have a different coping process. Grief has no deadline. Heartache is part of being alive. None of us are exempt. There is no perfect way to mourn. We say ‘moving through grief’ because it is a journey. A journey that is always worthy of being experienced.


Because it is the cost of loving deeply. Remember, every day you wake up and journey through life, it is but one day closer to being reunited with your loved ones on the other side.


Allow Yourself to Grieve

Let's admit the truth: It's ok not to be ok. Trying to handle grief perfectly can make it worse. The imbalance we experience during the grieving process is often offset by the notion that being real, raw, and fully immersed in the moment of mourning is disruptive to the status quo. Some in the spiritual community tell people not to be upset because their loved one is still around, but the truth is, they are not around in the same way. We are allowed to mourn that loss. Know that your feelings are valid. Permit your emotions to take up space in your life. All of you are welcome in your presence.

So, say "yes" to grieving in your unique way. Feeling the physical loss will soften it, transform it, and heal it.


The Role of Mediumship in the Grieving Process

While we all have some level of ability to perceive the spirit world, it is often sporadic. Mediumship is the practiced process of receiving communication from spirits. It is an art and honed skill that requires dedication, focus, interpretation, patience, and an empathetic heart. As one of many Mediums, I know that our goal is to deliver messages of love, give evidence that they are still around, answer questions and share their experiences with you.

That said, not each Medium will be the right fit for you, and not every session will bring through validation that your loved ones are still around. But don’t get discouraged! You will still receive signs from your loved ones. Don't be afraid to ask for a sign to come through in such a way that you know it is from the deceased.

While getting a reading by a Psychic Medium is an excellent addition to your support team, there are ways you can receive messages on your terms. You can develop your abilities by attending a mediumship circle or working with a mentor, reading a book, taking a course, or attending Spiritualist churches. Guided meditations have been reported as profoundly beneficial for opening yourself up to your mediumship abilities - check out The Mindful Path Podcast for guided meditations.


Final Thoughts

If you doubt that your family, friend, partner, child, pet, and other loved ones still visit you, take this article as a sign that they are still around because as I write this, I hear a chorus of voices saying: "I LOVE YOU. I'M OK. I'M STILL HERE."

Today, move through your grief with courage and kindness.  Breathegroundaccept, and allow your feelings to flow in a safe and supportive setting. And if you need support or would like to explore the other side, please connect to me or another Psychic Medium here at PathForward.

Psychic Halo x4168
Psychic Halo is an intuitive life-guide with over 12 years of experience serving hundreds of clients. Halo is skilled in Mediumship, energy healing, and Tarot and is the voice of PathForward’s Guided Meditation Podcast, “The Mindful Path.” Psychic Halo x4168

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