Safely Communicating with the Loved and Lost
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Safely Communicating with the Loved and Lost

October 04, 2021 by Psychic Christine x4063
You can never be too safe when speaking to the other side!
You can never be too safe when speaking to the other side!

When we lose a beloved family member or close friend, we feel like we are losing a part of ourselves - this is a clear indication of the everlasting bond created in this relationship. Since the other party is no longer on planet earth with us, we often struggle to determine if there is a way to keep some form of communication active. And the good news is, there are several ways that you can communicate with your dearly departed.

Grief is a unique and individual experience for each of us. The timing is not precise. There is strong potential to communicate with a recent loss or even with someone or a pet that passed some time ago. Start with a few steps for best results:

13 Tips to Aid the Communication Process

1) Start with a calm and peaceful time and place.

2) Take deep breaths to calm and ground your energy.

3) Pray if you are guided.

4) Set your intention for a safe and positive experience with a loved one.

5) Energetically protect yourself from any harmful influence.

6) You can incorporate sage or protection crystals that you connect with spirit.

7) Light a white candle and have a glass of water to aid connection.

8) Focus your energy on your Third Eye and intuitive senses.

9) Protection is necessary - to avoid unwanted spirits.

10) Be open to receiving what is available in the present moment.

11) Invite the spirit into the conversation.

12 Ask for a response to simple questions. Or begin with a conversation starter and allow this to develop in a way that is the highest good for all involved. I prefer this method. 

13) Relax and step into the art of allowing.

Sometimes, this process will go smoothly. Other times it is more of an art and an act of faith and trust. Regardless of your results, approach this as if you're talking to your loved one (human or pet). If it helps you, consider lighting a white candle, holding an object of theirs, or look at a photo with them in it. The more you feel the connection is real, the deeper this connection can go. Be open and allow the process to bring you what you want and need. Preparation can really assist you. But sometimes, these experiences just happen on their own. I have personally had encounters and found items that I knew were messages from heaven: a unique coin with an angel engraved, a waft of a temperature change as I walked the beach, white feathers in unusual areas, and the jingle of my sweet dog's collar as well as shadow visions shortly after she passed. All of these and more are possible. I continue to communicate over time, and so can you.

Signs and Messages from Loved Ones

Messages from a deceased loved can run the gamut from subtle to very strong. Here are some forms of communication:

  • Songs
  • Scents
  • Feathers
  • Stones
  • Symbols
  • Repeating numbers
  • Quick and brief temperature changes
  • Spirit lights
  • Notes
  • Dreams
  • Coins
  • Technology oddities
  • Wind-chimes
  • Birds
  • Changes in electricity
  • Messengers
  • Unusual phone calls

And there may be more…

We cannot assume everything that happens is a sign. Yet, I recommend listening to your instincts and heart to align with the possibility. When you feel a significant moment, thank your loved one and remind them how much they are cared for still to this day.

Get Supported

Fear of ghosts has been instilled in many. Much of that is due to an overall fear of death and the afterlife amplified in movies and media. There are many options for assistance in this process of communication. I'm sure you've heard of ouija boards, séances, and working with Psychic Mediums. You can safely venture into this area on your own with guidance. However, if you feel more comfortable reaching out to one of our talented PathForward Mediums to guide and support your path of communicating with a loved one who has passed, please choose the one that resonates with you the strongest.

I wish you abundant blessings to communicate and find the answers you are searching for, along with peace and grace. Namaste.


Psychic Christine x4063
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