Simply Good: 6 Simple Ways to Generate Good Karma
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Simply Good: 6 Simple Ways to Generate Good Karma

June 28, 2021 by PathForward
Our world is inherently interconnected, so even small Karma-boosting acts can make life better for so many people.
Our world is inherently interconnected, so even small Karma-boosting acts can make life better for so many people.

We've all heard of Karma, but the concept goes beyond that transactional "I do good and good stuff happens to me" idea often associated with the word. In a holistic sense, Karma is all about the inter-connectivity of people.

Understanding Karma

We all have the power to make life better (or worse) for others through our actions. The actions we choose can create a boomerang-like effect, even when it's hard to see how those actions have an impact beyond the precise moment you take them. If you're looking for ways to generate good Karma, well, screaming "boost my Karma!" into the void probably isn't the way to go. But there's certainly a lot you CAN do.

The world you live in is better to live in if you make it better. Making a better world takes work, day in and day out. Fortunately, there are plenty of small things you can do to make the world just a little bit nicer and a little bit better for all of us, each and every day. So, here are six Karma-boosting ideas to try.

Do One Good Deed

One simple, small good deed each day will not only create good Karma, but it might very well inspire others to pay it forward. It doesn't need to be something huge. Help an elderly person cross the street, pay for the coffee for someone in line behind when you notice out of the corner of your eye that they're frantically sifting through their wallet to find enough change — one small act of kindness per day can start a chain reaction that makes other people's days a little brighter.

Of course, while some days the opportunity to do good for someone around you might automatically present itself, other days you might find yourself struggling to identify a good deed you can do. If you're not sure where to start, look toward people who may be lonely. Spending a few moments sharing your love with others who aren't usually surrounded by those good vibes can make the world a little bit nicer for everyone involved.

Practice Active Gratitude

Sure, it's so important for you to practice gratitude and thankfulness for what you have in your life. But when you actively give thanks to folks who help you out, you're making the world a little kinder. (Pro-tip: If someone's just "doing their job" but helps you in some way, you should totally still thank them.)

A sincere expression of thanks might seem overly simple, but it can brighten someone's day in a huge way. People truly appreciate others showing their appreciation. So, thank your employees or coworkers. Thank the person who gets your car from the parking garage. Thank your kid for helping set the table, or your partner for cooking dinner (even if it's their turn!) Knowing you care enough to just say thanks creates those warm and fuzzy good-vibes feelings that translate to positive Karma.

Appreciate the Natural World

Doing good for others goes beyond people. Our interconnected world includes plants and animals, too. Reserve some time for a walk in the park, taking your time, sitting on a bench, and appreciating nature all around you. It'll do a world of good for your own sense of peace and mindfulness.

You'll find plenty of ways to actively practice kindness toward nature. Create a garden that brings beauty to your surrounding while offering a refuge for bees. You could also set up a bird feeder in your backyard, or go vegan for a day. Even if you can't commit for the rest of your life, a full vegan day here and there will go a long way.


Literally, just listen. That's it. That's the tweet.

Seriously, though, sometimes the kindest thing you can do is provide a listening ear to someone in need. Active listening is so often the greatest gift you can offer. Truly hear what someone else has to say. Don't jump in with unsolicited advice, don't try to explain or rationalize someone's feelings away. Just be that source of support that makes someone else feel valued and heard.

That simple (non)action can make someone's day so much better because they'll know you care about them enough to truly hear them. And if you need someone to provide that nonjudgmental listening, you're not alone. You can always connect with a Psychic Advisor who can give you the support you need and answers you seek.

Teach Someone Something

Helping someone gain skills to power their own success is a great way to pay your own success forward. We're all grateful when others take the time to mentor us. Even if it takes you a little extra time to complete that task, teaching your struggling coworker what to do will give them tools for success in the future. Or, take this scenario: You're trying to quickly cook a delicious dinner and your child wants to help out. Instead of shooing them away so you can complete the task at hand faster, make mealtime into a teaching moment.

Give Away Something of Value

Maybe you have a gorgeous piece of clothing you just don't wear anymore. Maybe you keep getting offers for gigs that would be a better fit for a friend. Giving something you value to someone who can really use and appreciate it is a great thing to do if you're looking for a Karma boost.

Not sure what valuable items you could share? Ahem, see above: Your time is also incredibly valuable. If you sacrifice some time out of your busy schedule to meet up with a friend who's having a hard time, that's an incredible act of kindness and sharing, too.

If you're looking to identify specific ways you can build Karma-boosting acts into your daily routine, speak with a PathForward Psychic. A Psychic can illuminate a more personalized path toward positive Karma.

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