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Spirits from Around the World

October 16, 2020
Ghosts and ghoulies are found in the folklore of nearly every culture around the globe. Join us as we explore a few of our frightening favorites from a Psychic perspective.

Spirits from Around the World

As if life wasn't scary enough!

Ghosts and spirits are a universal wonder the globe over. The folklore speaks to a very real desire to make contact with the spirit world. But who can resist the fun of a good ghost tale? Here are some of our favorites!

Banshee - Ireland

The Banshee is a female spirit whose wailing heralds the death of a family member in Celtic and Irish folklore. Some believe that this other-worldly boss babe will only warn those of pure Irish descent.

Chochin Obake - Japan

Chochin Obake (pronounced CHOH-cheen ob-AH-keh) — which translates to "paper lantern ghosts" — are believed to inhabit Japanese lanterns that are over 99 years old. These aged lanterns come to life with a mischievous one-eyed spirit whose mouth is formed from a tear along one of the lantern's ribs.

Jersey Devil - New Jersey, United States

Legend has it that the Jersey Devil is half-human, half-demon creature born to a New Jersey woman in the 1700s or 1800s. The flying devil and his footprints have been sighted throughout the state and are thought to foreshadow war or disaster.

The Wild Hunt - Central Europe

The Wild Hunt is a group of spectral horseman believed to haunt the forests of Central Europe in midwinter.

Obambo - Central Africa

The Obambo is often thought to be the ghost of someone who died in the bush and didn't receive a proper burial. Alternately, the Obambo may be the spirit of a relative who makes an appearance to request a special home be built for his ethereal being to reside in.

Naga - India

Naga are snake spirits that can appear in human form, serpent form, or a combination of both – OMG! When angered, they can inflict diseases of the skin that not even your fav cosmetics can fix or, when pleased, can offer blessings of wisdom, wealth, and fertility.

Baigujing - China

The Baigujing (bay-goo-JAI-ing), or White Bone Spirit, is a skeletal demon who disguises herself as a bone-white woman. She seeks to devour the flesh of men. Tell your ex to watch out!

Nisse and Tomte - Norway, Denmark, Sweden

The Nisse (n-I-shuh) and Tomte (t-OHM-teh) are helpful gnome-like sprites who assist with domestic work. They watch over farms and homesteads, but dislike any interference in their activities.

Chaneques - Mexico

Chaneques (chan-AY-kays) are small elf-like creatures that inhabit specific places such as a home, river, or meadow. Seen more often by children than adults, these spirits are notoriously childlike and can be joyfully playful or angry and mischievous.

Anhanga - Brazil

The Anhanga (ay-An-ga) is a guardian spirit that appears as a white stag with glowing red eyes. It guards the forest and its animal inhabitants, particularly mothers and their offspring.

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