Stop the Hate: How to Appreciate Others with Different Viewpoints
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Stop the Hate: How to Appreciate Others with Different Viewpoints

September 02, 2020
How can one person stop the hate? By learning not to be a hater.
How can one person stop the hate? By learning not to be a hater.

It seems everywhere you turn there are arguments. Politicians argue about what laws we should pass. Protesters argue for their rights as workers, members of particular ethnic groups, and their sexual preferences. Society argues over race, religion, the definition of marriage, political viewpoints, immigration laws, the environment, animal rights, healthcare, poverty, and every other issue facing the world today. But you can jump off the hate train anytime you like. 

1. Learn to Celebrate Differences 

People tend to draw towards people similar to themselves. Liking the same activities, attending the same type of religious services, and even liking the same games or books defines people and separates them into groups. But people who embrace all types of people are happier. Talk to others about their different thoughts, opinions, viewpoints, and interests. You may find their way is preferable to yours after all. If not, you've at least broadened your horizons and made a new friend. 

2. Love the Person, Even When You Can't Love Their Viewpoint 

Some people are bound to butt heads over certain subjects. The avid hunter, for instance, is going to have trouble getting along with gun control advocates and animal rights supporters. As people, we find it easy to hate a viewpoint, but much harder to hate a person. Getting to know and appreciate someone who believes differently doesn't mean you're condoning their actions. It means you've accepted them as a person, and their rights to believe as they do. You can like them, or at least respect their viewpoint, even if you don't like all their actions. 

3. Try to Put Yourself in Their Shoes 

Usually, there is a reason why people are the way they are and act as they do. For example, a person overly defensive of their ethnicity might have faced brutal bigotry in the past. The person clinging to their gun rights might have been the victim of a violent crime, or lost a family member to violence that could have been prevented with a weapon. Get to know the person and find out why they believe as they do. Even if it doesn't change your mind about the issue, it will allow you to see why they are different from you. Unsure how to do this? Connect with a psychic now

4. Expose Yourself to Various Viewpoints 

If you are secure in what you believe, there is no harm in associating with those different from you. When you get to know others from various backgrounds, religious beliefs, political views, etc., you can have interesting conversations and even lively debates that focus on the issues without judging the person. Be willing to hang out with different types of people. Each person on this planet knows something you do not, so it's easy to learn something from everyone. 

5. Be Secure in Your Own Beliefs 

Many people who are overly aggressive towards those with different viewpoints may be insecure in their own beliefs. The racist worries that other races will take over. A homophobic person may be scared they'll somehow "catch" being gay. The person who wants to rid the world of other religions might not have solid faith in their own religion. When you know what you believe, and why you believe it, what others think won't threaten you at all. A psychic medium can help you determine your own beliefs if you're struggling. 

Commit to stopping the hate wherever you are. Learn to accept others as they are, and you'll soon find you're surrounded by friends who all accept one thing in common: life is too short to argue all the time. 

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