The Beauty of Various Psychic Expressions Psychic Halo invites you to discover the beauty of diversity as represented by the many faces, faiths, and intuitive gifts of the PathForward Psychic community.

The Beauty of Various Psychic Expressions

November 10, 2021 by Psychic Halo x4168
Variety is the spice of life and diversity is the secret ingredient!
Variety is the spice of life and diversity is the secret ingredient!

The beauty of diversity can be seen clearly in the multitude of readers available on PathForward Psychics. Everyone single Psychic on the service reads differently. You may have had a reading where someone was straightforward, another where the advisor is very soft and compassionate, or others that are very detailed. Neither is wrong for how they read; it's simply an expression of how varied the Universe is. Our Cosmos loves variety. No planet or star is the same. No snowflake is alike. To truly appreciate this, imagine what it would be like if it weren't so.

Can you imagine living in a world with only the color pink? How about without the color blue or another color? Would you enjoy ice cream if there was no chocolate or vanilla? Consider a world without space and the contrast it creates between this world and the Cosmos. What if each person was your doppelganger and only said the same thing? It would get old fast, right? Well, thank Goddess -The Great Womb - for birthing potentiality into the reality we experience.


My Psychic Reading Style and Connection

I define my readings as channeling and interpreting the energy signature of someone and a given situation. That can happen before someone calls, when they are calling or as I'm on the call with them, but once I've made the connection, I use all of my "clairs." I might see images clairvoyantly. These images can be memories, and sometimes, faded or incomplete symbols and visions, so I have to interpret their meaning. I see within my inner eye.

Most commonly, I receive messages clairaudiently from my higher self, angels, and spirit guides. However, sometimes I will have a telepathic connection to the one I'm speaking with. In times like this, it's tricky because I have to decipher between what the caller wants to hear and what will actually transpire. Psychic energy can also communicate with me through a knowing, a scent, a taste, a touch, or a sense. My job is to interpret this as promptly as possible and share it in a way that makes sense to the recipient.


My Psychic Tools

I use divinatory tools to stimulate my psychic link, such as Tarot or pendulums. I don't rely on these tools to establish a connection, but they can help in certain circumstances, such as figuring out someone's true heart's desire - the pendulum is great for this. Tarot has a mystical way of revealing hidden aspects of situations.

How do I establish a connection? By being open and disciplined. I regularly meditate and pray. I consistently perform energy healing to keep my vibration aligned with the Divines. I must also be loving and kind to myself because no Psychic is 100% one hundred percent of the time. But also, I must practice. Exercising my psychic muscle is what gives me the strength to read accurately. These abilities are more than a gift; they are part of the full expression of my soul.

After a reading, I always end with an intention for the caller to be well and continue on their spiritual journey with ease, clarity, and grace. I then surrender and proceed as best I can. I might never know all the details of how each caller's life pans out; however, I always will hold the highest level of light and love for them.


Are you interested in a psychic reading with me or another Psychic here at PathForward? Visit Our Psychics to get started or check out my bio.


Psychic Halo x4168
Psychic Halo is an intuitive life-guide with over 12 years of experience serving hundreds of clients. Halo is skilled in Mediumship, energy healing, and Tarot and is the voice of PathForward’s Guided Meditation Podcast, “The Mindful Path.” Psychic Halo x4168

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