When your date doesn't pay

When your date doesn't pay

February 21, 2011
Should you go on another date with a guy who doesn't pay?
Should you go on another date with a guy who doesn't pay?
Question: I recently went on a date with an incredible man - smart, great-looking and charming. And, we officially made plans for next week! One problem though - when the bill was placed on our table, he divvied what each of us owed and asked for my half. Should this be a deal-breaker?

Answer: This is quite a difficult situation. Finding a man that has the qualities you mentioned is not only difficult, for some single women it can seem like an impossible challenge. So, should a man's penny-pinching ways mean he's dump-worthy?

While this certainly doesn't set a good precedent, it's important that you give this guy another chance. What if your potential suitor wasn't sure if you were having fun, and assumed he wouldn't see you again? If he's been doing a lot of dating and has spent a good amount of money in the process, it's possible he was saving himself the cash - and heartbreak. Also, what if he - or you - were envisioning this first date as the beginning of a friendship, to see if it was developing into something more over time? In this case, splitting the tab could be seen as a perfectly reasonable and equitable approach.

The important thing is the following - did he ask how you would feel about splitting the tab, or did he catch you off-guard with his check-time math wizardry?

If you're still conflicted about the situation, speak with a psychic. Our psychics can use their gifts to discern equitability from stinginess, and tell you if your date will be the kind of suitor who will treat you like a queen, regardless of who picks up the first tab.

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