7 Ways to Keep Your House Protected from Evil: From Sage House Cleanings to Wards
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Get a Psychic Reading today! Only $1/min for new customers. Get Started!

7 Ways to Keep Your House Protected from Evil; From Sage House Cleanings to Wards

September 11, 2023 by PathForward
Get rid of unwanted guests and ward off evil spirits with sage house cleansings and more!
Get rid of unwanted guests and ward off evil spirits with sage house cleansings and more!

Doors closing unexpectedly, inexplicable shadows around the house, even just a feeling that the vibes are off. If this sounds familiar, an evil spirit might have taken up residence around your home. These unwelcome visitors are dark and hostile entities that gravitate toward negative energy. Though evil spirits are tough to remove, you can still take key steps to rid your home of spirits that don't pass the vibe check — and rid your home of spirits that don't pass the vibe check — and prevent them from moving in the first place.

1. Hang Wards Around Your Home

If you're looking to give your house protection from evil, you'll want to have some objects ready to go. From evil eye protection for a house to bells and beyond, hanging wards around doors and windows will give your home an extra layer of security. Try placing horseshoes over your front door — they're thought to keep witches out while giving luck to those who do get in (e.g., you, your BFF, your bae). Other useful wards to hang around your home include Japanese glass wind bells, Indian wind bells, and modern wind chimes.

2. Set Up Protective Crystals

You can't go wrong with protective crystals when looking for protection from spirits on the home front. Many healers believe crystals hold different energies, and placing key crystals strategically can push negative energy away. Protective crystals to try include:

  • Black Tourmaline.
  • Blue Kyanite.
  • Spirit Quartz.

Your best bet is to put your go-to crystal in high-traffic areas of your place (think entryways, coffee tables, or nightstands). Crystals will help you trade bad vibes for positivity and have those evil spirits running for cover.

You can also put a Himalayan salt lamp on your nightstand if you're searching for a bedside light that keeps you mindful while banishing the bad vibes. These lamps, made from salt crystals mined from the Himalayas, boast negative ions to detoxify your airspace naturally. They're thought to absorb negative energies and offer both decorative and environmental advantages for your home.

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3. Cleanse Your Space With Sage

Wards and crystals can keep evil spirits out. But what if an evil spirit has already found its way into your home? That's when it's time for a sage house cleansing. Smudging, or ritualistically burning sage (or another plant) to purify the air, quickly wards off negative energy while beckoning positive vibes.

So, how do you go about smudging? Bundle sage in a smudge stick, then light the stick. The smoke will fill the area around you and start to gather negative energy. To get rid of the negativity, fan or blow the smoke away. Some tips to keep in mind when smudging:

  • Keep matches or candles close by so you can quickly relight the smudge stick if it goes out.
  • Hold a fireproof dish underneath to prevent stray embers and ashes from flying through your home (you don't want to trade evil spirits for dangerous flames). Go with something meaningful to you, such as an abalone shell or a clay bowl.
  • Have a bowl of sand ready so you can put out the burning smudge stick when you've completed the ritual.
  • Look to spiritual experts instead of mass retailers to source your sage. Native-American-owned businesses that source their materials sustainably can help you start your cleansing practice more ethically.

Hold up. What if you have some good spirits as roomies in your place? Fortunately, sage doesn't affect benevolent spirits. If you want to cleanse negative energy while opening your door to a deeper connection with angels and other positive beings, gather sage and sweetgrass, then smudge away.

4. Apply (or Consume) Some Turmeric

Demons and bad spirits don't stand a chance when you have turmeric at the ready. Turmeric creates a biomagnetic field that then creates a shield. You can apply turmeric or go one step further by consuming it to protect yourself and the spaces around you from evil energies. Make yourself a turmeric latte for a tasty and healthy treat, or simply add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to milk and drink up. You'll get an immune system boost while you're at it.

5. Say a Protection Prayer

You don't need specific objects to ward off evil spirits. Just say a protection prayer at night to keep negative energy from entering and settling in your home. You'll find prayers in the Bible and Bible verses and various religious and nonreligious traditions.

Not sure of the right prayer or mantra to use? Speak with an intuitive Psychic Advisor for personalized tips to help build a protection ritual for yourself. Find words that make you feel at ease, then lean into the comfort your protection prayer creates by pulling in good spirits — and pushing the bad ones away.

6. Get Noisy

Noise can break up negative energy in your home, so grab those drums or gongs or just start clapping. Make noise while you walk through your space, starting at the front door and moving clockwise through your space's inner perimeter for an easy sound ritual. Keep clapping or playing an instrument until you make a complete loop.

Bells especially are healing. Bells produce soothing vibrations so that ringing can ward off evil spirits - if a room feels heavy, ring a bell a few times. You can also hang bells by your home's entrance to renew the energy whenever someone comes in or departs (see Tip 1).

7. Don't Invite Spirits

OK, OK, this one's obvious, right? Still, if you really want to give your home some spiritual protection, you'll need to make sure you're not doing anything to invite evil spirits in. For instance, if your friends want to hold a just-for-fun seance or Ouija board sesh, rethink those plans. It might sound like it's all in good fun, but it's giving evil spirits an easy invitation to come on in.

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