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5 Ways to Keep Your House Protected from Evil

May 22, 2019
Smudging sage is one way to ward off evil spirits
Smudging sage is one way to ward off evil spirits

Are you worried about evil spirits entering your home? Consider the following ways to keep your home protected from evil.

"Was that a shadow? Are those footsteps? Did that door just close on IT'S OWN?" Sound familiar? Your house may be haunted. And if you're reading this, then chances are you have a legit Casper the not-so-friendly ghost situation that needs to be dealt with, stat! So, what kind of spirit is lurking around in your home? There are types!? Unfortunately, yes. There are good ghosts and not so good ghosts. Let's break them down: a benevolent spirit has good intentions, such as an angel, a past loved one, or a soul who has not yet crossed over. These spirits are easy to remove and just need a little help, "finding the light." An evil spirit is an exact opposite. These are dark, hostile, and harm inflicting entities attracted to negative energy and much harder to remove from your space – yikes! If you're dealing with a dark entity, it's time to take action to remove it permanently and get protection from evil spirits who are thinking about moving in. If you're ready to cleanse house of evil spirits and learn how to keep evil away, we've rounded up best practices from experts on how to keep evil spirits out of your house for good – no eviction notice necessary! Let's begin:

1. Hang Wards Around Your Doors and Windows to Keep Evil Away

Many objects can be placed near your doors or windows in order to provide a house protection from evil. Horseshoes over the front door are believed to repel witches from entering and provide luck to those that do enter. Both the ancient Egyptians and the ancient placed cinnamon sticks to sanctify certain areas. Modern wind chimes, Indian wind bells, and Japanese glass wind bells are all thought to keep away evil spirits. If you're not sure of the best ward to use for your home, consider consulting with an internet psychic about what you should choose to cleanse yourself of evil spirits.

2. Burn or Smudge Sage to Cleanse Your Home

If an evil spirit is already present in your home, you still keep evil away from you by using sage to help rid your home of the negative energy. Sage is bundled together to form smudge sticks. Start by lighting the smudge stick. The smoke will fill the area and gather up the negative energy. Then blow or fan away the smoke to get rid of it. You can then take the remaining herb and smudge it onto your chakras.

Does Sage Get Rid of Good Spirits?

Benevolent spirits are not affected by sage. Smudging with sage and sweetgrass is an effective combo for cleansing negative energy and opening the door to a deeper connection to your angels and other positive beings. So, if you're worried that lighting sage will ward off your ancestor or friendly "houseguest," not to worry!

3. Consume or Apply Turmeric to Protect Yourself from Demons and Bad Spirts

Consuming or applying turmeric is a powerful way to protect yourself from evil and negative energies. It does this by creating a bio-magnetic field around you that in turn creates a shield surrounding you. To consume, add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to milk and drink. This is more powerful than just applying turmeric. It strengthens your immune system while energizing your spiritual centers and chakras.

4. Say a Protection Prayer to Ward off Negative Energy

Keep spirits away at night by using Protection prayers to keep spirits from entering into your domain. There are many protection prayers to choose from, many from the Bible or based on Bible verses. Psalms 23 features a common protection prayer, which begins, "The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. He makes me lie in green pastures. He leads me beside the still waters." This can offer comfort by drawing in good spirits and keeping out bad ones to protect your family from evil.

5. Don't Invite Spirits In

This may seem obvious, but if you truly want to protect your home spiritually, make sure you are not doing anything that would invite those evil spirits in. This includes not just you but anyone that you have invited into your home. For example, don't let your teenagers play with Ouija boards or have a séance. They may think it's just for fun, but it gives evil spirits an open invitation to enter your home. If you're not sure if an evil spirit has already taken up residence in your home, consider talking to a real psychic medium who can divine whether you need to cleanse your home.

Your home should be a sanctuary. Take the necessary steps to grant your house protection from evil, and you and your family will enjoy peace of mind for years to come.

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